5 Unusual Wearables: The Bizarre World Of Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has given us immensely unusual and curious wearables. There was a time when our watches and accessories served only the purposes they were made for. The technology boom and the inception of the IoT (Internet of Things) are revolutionizing the way devices function. Watches tell us more than just time and day. Our jewelry comes with super cool features. More than people, interconnected appliances recording our details surround us all the time.

Today, wearable technology is widely used in fashion, smart gadgets, skin electronics, and more. Most of the wearable devices work as activity trackers and health trackers sharing important data via apps. The wearable market is booming and is anticipated to grow over 1.1 Billion by 2022. Well, wearables are easy to put on, convenient to carry, and serve the purpose they’re designed for!

But, did you know there are several unusual, uncommon, and bizarre wearables out there in the market?

5 Most uncommon wearables from the world of wearable technology

Welcome to the world of the most mind-boggling wearables! Although we should commend the incredible wearable technology used in creating each of these devices, it’s impossible to overlook the queerness of these devices. Let’s check them out now.

1 Commitment Rings

A perfect invention for the 21st century. Wearable technology at its best! So, what do these rings do? Consider a situation where you and your partner decide to watch the latest movie or web series together. But, out of curiosity, you begin before your partner could join you. Has commitment gone for a toss? Commitment rings save you from such embarrassing moments. These rings sync with your smartphone app and your favorite OTT. You can select all programs you want to watch together and that’s it. You cannot watch these programs alone, as your viewing list will not display the selected programs. Once both rings are close to the phone, you and your partner can watch the selected movies or series together.

2 Smart Belt

Are you a health conscious person smitten by the latest fashion? This smart belt is for you. On the outside, it is stylish leather belt and on the inside, it consists of numerous sensors. These sensors record your waist size, how long you’re sedentary and how many steps you walk, and also measures the large meals you consume. Like other wearables, this device also records all data and shares them as reports on your smartphone app. You can use the app to set fitness or weight loss goals and track your activity via the app.

3 UV-sensitive temporary tattoo

This bizarre wearable technology actually solves one of the most worrisome problems: exposure to UV radiation. This smart, color-changing temporary tattoo is a convenient option whenever you want to check exposure levels to UV. The sensor-based device comes with UV-sensitive pigments. The inner circle changes color from white to purple, indicating the current UV intensity. The outer ring gradually turns pink around the circumference to indicate the cumulative UV exposure. Now, isn’t that a cool wearable technology?

4 Wearable keyboard

Are you addicted to typing on your smartphone or laptop? Enter wearable Bluetooth keyboard device, the perfect solution you need. All you have to do is wear this Bluetooth keyboard in your hand and just start typing, anytime! You can tap on your lap, on a table, or literally anywhere. But, you must be wondering how will your phone or laptop figure out what you want to type? Well, you need a little bit of practice in understanding how this wearable keyboard works. Also, you must commit to memory the different tap formats which will lead to different text or numbers getting typed. So, the device doesn’t capture your thoughts. The sensors capture your tap patterns and generate words or numbers accordingly. Tap your heart away!

5 Climate dress

You heard it right. A climate dress helps you avoid extremely polluted areas. This dress comes with several sensors that measure the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. If the CO2 is high, the LED lights weaved on the dress light up to indicate the same. The dress comes with several LED lights that produce a warm to hectic glow based on the CO2 concentration levels. Now that’s called smart apparel, isn’t it?

These queer yet useful wearables are quite useful. They use ingenious wearable technology and offer incredible results to users. Which wearable are you most likely to try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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