Can the Feature-Loaded Android 12 Offer You the Best UI and Security?

Android 12

Android 12 is the most awaited OS update of 2021. And Google promises a refreshed UI, better security, and much more. Although you’ll be able to explore its features only in the latter part of 2021, or maybe even later, Google has got us talking already about it. You can enjoy the first touch of the new Android version in the upcoming Google Pixel 5, 4a, and 6 in September or October this year.

Android 12, the 2021 update of Google’s operating system, is touted by the tech giant as the biggest design change released so far. If you have Google Pixel 3 or above, Nokia X20, Xiaomi Mi 11, or others, you can try the beta version. But if you want to upgrade your current phone to the latest Android 12, you might have to wait till 2022, as it can take months for device manufacturers to integrate this version into their phones.

Android 12 Top Features to Look Out

There are several noteworthy features in this much-talked about update. Let’s deep-dive now.

Revamped user interface

Google announced that it has reimagined the whole user interface (UI) of its newest OS. It has used a new material language, Material You, in Android 12, which offers more rounded buttons, diverse colors, and better animations. The UI also uses a unique concept – color extraction. This feature automatically applies the dominant, best-looking, and complimentary colors from the wallpaper you apply on your phone. The UI, notification shade, lock screen, and volume controls will display the complimentary colors.

The widgets are also revamped and appear more rounded in the new version. What’s more? The Quick Settings panel has the Google Pay and smart home controls included in it by default.

Special features

There are several noteworthy features that Android 12 offers. It has an in-built TV remote so you can control your Android TVs with your smartphones. Or, you can Chromecast and search for popular shows with your phone, so you don’t have to rely on your TV remote all the time. Using the Car Key feature, you can unlock, lock or even start your car engine using just your smartphone. Moreover, with the ultra-wideband (UWB) feature, by merely walking close to your car, you can unlock it even without using your smartphone.

The company is also improving the password manager giving you a cross-platform integration across your devices and Google apps. Android 12 will be supporting a new format of images called AVIF. It is much better in quality and highlights greater details of an image compared to JPEG.

Privacy and security of Android 12

Google promises that privacy is the center of this new Android version. And, Android Private Compute Core will be policing your phone to check if the apps and the phone is following the privacy settings you enabled. The new privacy dashboard updates you about all the apps using the phone’s camera, location, contacts, etc. The OS also offers you a pie chart view of what all have the apps accessed in the last 24 hours. You have the freedom to quickly disable any phone features an app is using from the notification center.

Apart from these, Android 12 allows you can lock folders with fingerprint, unlock your Chromebook with your phone, and also check what camera features are active while you use the app.

Overall, Android 12 promises us great UI and enhanced security and privacy. Are you excited to try out this new OS? Let us know in the comments below.

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