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Quick Tips To Launch Instagram Ads

Quick Tips To Launch Instagram Ads

Instagram is the most popular social media platform with more than 1 Billion users. It has become the most active platform for the audience. Therefore, it can be the perfect online place to promote your products and services. The more customers, the more visibility which ultimately will increase your revenue. 

Instagram ads follow a simple process. Target your right audience, build a budget, post a schedule and monitor the performance. 

 You can easily create by using multiple tools available online such as Power Editor, the Ads Manager, or third-party tools like AdEspresso.

Individuals and brands are using several tactics to increase their followers. But, what many don’t know is that you can use an advertising strategy to build that following – quickly.

Let’s clear the basics of Instagram ads and what you can do to optimize your advertising strategies.

How To Create an Instagram Ad?

To create an Instagram ad you need to go through Facebook’s advertising tools. To easily create an ad, join your Facebook and Instagram accounts. And now you can easily curate an Instagram ad by making an ad on your Facebook page and selecting it to run on both platforms by using Facebook Ad Manager. 

Steps to curate ads in Facebook Ad Manager:

  1. Open your Facebook Ads Manager account
  2. Click on the ‘create’ option
  3. Select an ad objective for your campaign
  4. Name your ad campaign
  5. Target your audience by selecting the preferences (interests, age, and gender)
  6. Set a budget and schedule (select manual bidding if desired)
  7. Name your ad group
  8. Select your ad creatives
  9. Select the Facebook Page and Instagram account you want to utilize for your ad
  10. Write an ad copy
  11. Preview your ad, how it looks on different platforms, and review it
  12. At last, publish your ad

This is the easiest way to create Instagram ads with a Facebook account. But if you don’t have a Facebook page or account, you can still create good Instagram ads and stories. 

Tips to Boost Ads on Instagram

Brand marketers are not spending much on Instagram ads, they follow the latest advertisement trends on creating Instagram ads that get results. Some strategies they can use:

1. Use Motion

Instagram made a name for itself through images, but today it is more about videos. Video could be the key factor to improving your ad metrics. It has already been proven that videos are performing well on Facebook, and the same could prove true for Instagram.

2. Optimize Video Intro

For better results, you need to dive into every piece of content you can. And therefore the first seconds of your video ads count to encourage that deeper dive. Instagram ads have plenty of metrics that will help you to track how they perform compared to each other. Keep an eye on CTR (click-through rate), bounce rate, and impressions which will help you improve your ad video content.

3. Create Carousel with CTA

According to a study, Social Insider found that carousel posts get the most engagement out of any other format on Instagram. They get a good engagement rate of 1.92%. The research has found that the carousel with messages that encourage the viewer to swipe left increases engagement to 2%.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are many more ways to curate engaging Instagram ads. The most important thing is to be clear on your marketing goals and use the right strategy to improve your Instagram ads.

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