Things Tesla Is Bringing to Market in 2022

Things Tesla Is Bringing to Market in 2022

Things Tesla is bringing to market, or promises to, aren’t just automobiles; they are a way to navigate the future.

Tesla is infamous for missing launch deadlines, but that’s okay; after all, the company is helping mankind inch towards the future faster than any other company in the industry. 

For all that’s possible, it helped the transport industry believe electric cars can be mainstream – not in the distant future, but right now. And it didn’t stop at that. Tesla also ensured that features like autonomous driving, long haul driving, etc, were also realized without following traditional technologies. 

Tesla’s belief in its technology and spirit of innovation has led to the creation of some of the most outstanding vehicles in the auto industry. And they could be considered the reason Tesla continues to make great earnings quarter-over-quarter when other companies are reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the chip shortage issue might have slowed down automobile production around the globe, but reports have shown it hasn’t affected Tesla as much. 

While Tesla has been great at decision making and innovation, one area that it severely lacks is deadlines. Tesla has missed the launch of many of its promised inventions in the last couple of years. However, the company has now revealed that there are going to be some supercool launches we all have been waiting for – in 2022. 

Excited already? Let’s switch gears and discover which wonderful vehicles Tesla is bringing to market in 2022.

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The Semi

When Tesla announced a battery-powered truck that could cover 300 miles in a single full charge in 2017, several global companies gave a sigh of relief in unison. 

Rising costs of fossil fuel and other logistics challenges have long pained the leaders in retail. And even after spending massively in transportation, there are always unforeseen challenges. And ever since COVID-19 arrived, the pains of these companies have tripled. This is one reason Pepsi, Waltmart, FedEx, and several other companies have already placed reservations for the semi. 

Costing within a range of $150.000 to $200,000, Tesla Semis are now slated for a 2022 release. 


Another all-electric, battery-powered, futuristic-design vehicle concept that caused a stir during its unveil, the cybertruck is something straight out of a video game. 

Premiering in 2019, the pickup’s unconventional design and great range (up to 500 miles) already has fans drooling over the machine. Unfortunately, you all have to wait till 22 July 2022.

Roadster (2nd gen)

The second generation Tesla Roadster is a sports car concept that is claimed to be capable of 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, a record that has not been achieved by any street legal production car to date. Currently, the fastest 0 to 60 mph car is also owned by Tesla – the Model S Plaid – with 1.98 seconds. 

Initially slated for 2020, Musk has been taking time to add some more interesting things, causing its delay. However, the sports car is now believed to be nicely paced for production and can be expected for deliveries by early 2022. 

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