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Tips – How to Balance Technology Usage

How to Balance Technology Usage

If you also start your morning by switching off your alarm, grabbing up your phone, going office by vehicle, scheduling meetings, calling your friends, and doing a lot more then you are using technology in every case.

Tech is the common thing we all are using nowadays, at the time of ordering clothes, foods or uses other appliances like cooktop, washing machine, AC, that vastly save a lot of energy and time.

All the technologies around us are developed to fulfill a purpose. But, some can be the substitute for moments in life that don’t require tech, creating a difference between the real world and the virtual one.

Let’s Check the Perspective Side of Tech 

There are almost 80% of people using mobile phones and almost 3.5 billion people using smartphones and computers and almost 4.5 billion active Internet users around the world. 

 If this is the case, it means the world’s young and adult population are going online and using different browsers, going through different sites, and using multiple types of applications. 

But, access using of sites and applications connected through the internet can be excessive or become obsessive to the point of hurting you physically, or emotionally.

Key Steps For Tech-Life Balance 

Balancing tech life seems to be impossible but it can be. though it can be challenging to let those harmful tech habits go. Let’s discuss a few steps to start the process of creating healthy tech-life habits.

Stop Double-Screening

Double screening is called when you are using two types of screens at a time for instance; using your laptop and mobile phone at a time. It has been known that multitasking is a bad habit and can ruin your attention and productivity. It will stress you rather than saving your time.

For instance; if you have a video meeting running on your desktop and you are working on your phone because it’s not your turn to speak, you must think that you’re saving time but actually, you are playing a game with your brain as it has to focus on both the things.

Tech-free Rules

If you are watching your phone in bed or while eating then your guardians or doctors have asked you to avoid this habit. It is because artificial light comes from studies of melatonin- an important hormone associated with sleep in particular that is produced in response to darkness.

Another example can be official which is, while you’re going for a video conferencing you shouldn’t switch off the screens unless you have to check very important data related to the meeting. To avoid this you can switch off once the meeting has started.

Optimize What You Can

Optimize the use of more apps available on your phone, not only this, you have to get the most benefits out of the tech available to you and only use it with a purpose.

Look out for apps that can do something without your involvement. For example a CRM  system instead of spreadsheets and ordinary databases. You can create diagrams and retrieve reports without analyzing data for hours or make someone else do it for you.

Choose Alternatives

If you are responsible to check many things and you like to do it, but it could be hard to violate it by meditation- especially when you have a mobile phone and have to connect to many teams and look after how things are running and make sure your ship doesn’t sink.

You can be a good entrepreneur or a responsible manager but you can avoid these small things by keeping a team for it and maintaining all the tasks by them. 

So, Final Thoughts for Tech-Free Time

Tech is wonderful. It solves your difficult tasks and saves your time. Also, help you to reach your organizational goals or achieve or complete your studies online as well. 

But on the other hand, it can be stressful and overwhelming.

When you start feeling that technology is consuming your life just balance it by avoiding multiple gadget screens at once and do meditate.

Balance is important, whether it’s difficult to be active in our unbalanced world, it’s crucial to achieve a healthy life. 

So, stay healthy and safe!

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