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CES 2022: 5 Future-Shaping Consumer Products

CES 2022: 5 Future-Shaping Consumer Products
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More than a tech event, CES 2022 was an epitome of all the resistance humanity can express to a never-ending fatal fate. CES 2022 showed a COVID-stricken world that people will not give up. The fight here was not to merely survive, but thrive, the proof of which is the incredible list of future-shaping consumer products CES featured in its multi-day event in Las Vegas. 

The world’s biggest trade show was brimming with technology and innovation. Products and concepts revealed in the show seem to tout history, change the course of the world as we know it. We are here to reveal some unique future-shaping consumer products that offer a glimpse of the new future waiting in front of us.

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Ameca Robot 

Meet Ameca, a humanoid robot capable of expression. To some, that may sound amazing, others scary. Whichever it is, this Engineered Arts robot is designed to be as lifelike as it can. After Sophia, this could be the most advanced AI robot the world has ever seen. 

Ameca has 17 individual motors inside its head that are in charge of creating those minute changes in a face that makes a definite emotion. From smirking to smiling, and focused to frowning, this incredible machine will change the way you have come to experience robotics. It is only a matter of a few years when they could be living with you in your daily lives, helping you in supermarkets, taking care of elderly at home, and whatnot. 

SkyDrive’s Air Taxi

Ever since The Wright Brothers revealed to the world the mechanism of aerodynamics, humans have never stopped flying. We have come a long way now where flight doesn’t even need manual control anymore. At CES 2022, SkyDrive unveiled an aircraft that you have been dreaming about ever since you saw a car with wheels – cars without wheels. 

The Model SD-03 is a full-fledged air taxi. Capable of vertical take-off and landing, this flying vehicle is designed for door-to-door transportation. Imagine calling an Uber or Lyft to your home and one of these comes honking at your door. You can either go to the airport to catch the flight to your destination or just fly on your own with one of these. This future of transportation and emergency rescue is currently on its track to a completion deadline of 2025.

Dell XPS 13 Plus 

Imagine a laptop where the touchpad is the only thing you can control with touch. The Dell XPS 13 Plus features a line a white LED-backlit touch buttons on the top for all its function and media keys. This could be just the start of how you imagine working with your PCs in the future.

BMW’s Color Changing Car

In the future, you can either choose to purchase cars of multiple colors, or simply go for the BMW iX Flow, a car that changes color. When the entire world of car lovers were brainstorming what could be the next big thing in cars after EVs and auto-driving, BMW came with this. The color changing concept can be the next big change in production and manufacturing of cars, like it was last with auto-transmission or power steering. 

Still a prototype, this BMW car will use electrophoretic technology, a specially developed body wrap, and E Ink to change the color of the car’s surface. A personalization of this level is unique and we’re sure car lovers can’t wait to get their hands on. 

NoWatch’s Smartwatch

The brand name says it all. Meet a watch that is not a watch. You read it correctly. NoWatch’s smartwatch is the world’s first watch that wouldn’t show you time, but rather your mood. This truly incredible watch comes with sensors that track your body signals to predict your mood. So the next time you are getting your blood pressure levels rising, the one that would remind you to control it mightn’t be a person, but maybe a watch. 

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