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The year is 2022. The quantified self is alive and well, digital technologies have transformed the culture of health care and new entrants have disrupted delivery models.

In the face of expanding demand for services, today’s healthcare organizations are embracing digital transformation to accelerate patient health, business, and financial goals. If there’s anything to be learned from 2020, it’s that making predictions for the year ahead is the ultimate act of hubris.
It’s quite simple really: patients want more personalization in their care. They want the same easy, remote and intuitive access to healthcare that they get from their banking and shopping experiences. This consumerization process is driving hospitals, independent clinics, and physicians to focus on building processes and procedures rather than depending on the traditional methods.
But the million-dollar question is, which technologies should healthcare tycoons invest in first?
Let’s get straight into the thick of things and find out How will a combo of IoMT & 5G Supercharge personalized healthcare… shall we?

Your (Virtual) Doctor Will See You Now

5G technology will do much more than improve your mobile experience… this is a stone-cold fact. According to a study conducted by IHS Markit 5G will enable more than $1 trillion dollars in products and services for the global health care sector by 2035. You heard it right ‘trillion’ with a ‘t’!

So, what exactly are the benefits of 5G in healthcare… let’s have a look.

Advantages of 5G in Healthcare

  1. Quicker transmission of large imaging files

Incorporating 5G network to an already existing architecture will help MASSIVELY in transporting medical imagery like MRIs and PET scans.

2. Expanding telemedicine

Market Research Future conducted a study which highlighted that the telemedicine market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.5% from 2017 to 2023.

Telemedicine requires a highly interactive network which supports real-time high-quality video. With the gradual introduction of 5G healthcare systems can handle telemedicine appointments with ease. The “anytime, anywhere” concept which has always been dreamt up by consumers can now become a reality.

3. Robot-Assisted Remote Telesurgery

In the last decade, surgical robots have insanely revolutionized the way doctors operate.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

  • It’s minimally invasive
  • You’re destined to recover quickly
  • There is less pain and blood loss
  • You have a smaller chance of developing an infection

How Will IoMT Revolutionize Healthcare?

IoMT will be a major catalyst of change for healthcare institutions in the coming decade… no doubt about it.

Let’s Explore the Benefits of IoMT

  1. Enhances and Expedites Clinician Workflows

With the implementation of IoMT healthcare can take advantage of the follow features:

  • Secure messaging
  • Barcode scanning
  • Rapid image transmission
  • Long battery life

2. Enables extreme connectivity

Greater automation and insights and features which are embedded in the IoMT DNA. For instance, “smart pills” which, when swallowed, helps to push notifications to a doctor’s smartphone via an arm patch.

Through this amazing technology, ultrasound machines can now seamlessly send scan reports to an electronic health record.

3. Supports a Proactive Approach to Maintaining Good Health

Through this technology hospitals can track patients and treatments by accessing data via apps installed on their smartphones from connected devices e.g glucose meter, heart rate meter and so on.

4. Drastically Lowers Healthcare costs

IoMT is predicted to reduce the healthcare cost and save the industry at least 300 billion dollars, Goldman Sachs confirmed.

This technology will help healthcare personnel to save loads of time and enable them to focus more on the important tasks. Successful remote monitoring also allows doctors to know a patient’s upcoming symptoms and treat them before they get critical.

Prepare to Embrace Patient Care at Its Finest

There are several key reasons why healthcare organizations pursue digital transformations – from improving the overall care quality and delivering positive outcomes to reducing readmission rates.

The speed, bandwidth, and low latency of 5G will accelerate full-scale IoMT. Applying these immersive technologies will undoubtedly transform the continuum of care.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed this blog on how a combo of IoMT & 5G supercharge personalized healthcare. We’d love to hear your inputs in the comments section below.

Stay secure people!

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