Whether you care to admit it or not videoconferences can get really boring really fast especially the ones which last for more than an hour.

With the majority of the US workforce being completely remote don’t you think it’s time to shake up your zoom meetings?

Keeping this same chain of thought in mind Zoom introduced the ‘Immersive View’ on April 26th, 2021. The concept behind this trailblazing feature is quite similar to Teams’ Together Mode.

So, what is ‘Immersive View’, what are its requirements and finally what difference will it make?

Keep reading to find out the answer to all these questions and let’s show you how you can Have an Out-of-the-Box Approach to Meetings with Zoom ‘Immersive View’!

Ready for an Immersive Experience?

The concept behind the ‘Immersive View’ s quite simple. It is to help business create highly engaging and collaborative virtual meetings.
It allows meeting hosts in Zoom hosts to arrange participants in a single virtual background in meetings and webinars. Thus, producing the effect of being in the same shared environment. This significantly diminishes the boundaries that video meetings in feeds would otherwise impose.

Benefits of ‘Immersive View’

  1. Creates a sense of unity among participants.
  2. Makes it much easier to track multiple participants in close proximity with one another.
  3. Meetings hosts can now easily move participants around the scene.
  4. Allows you to resize a participant’s image for generic meeting placement ease.
  5. Gives you the option to choose from preloaded scenes, upload your own scene or upload an image of your office’s layout ensuring a seamless experience.

How to Use Zoom’s ‘Immersive View’?

Now, let’s find out the steps involved to enable this feature and also the prerequisites.


You would need Zoom’s desktop client running version 5.6.3 or higher on Windows or macOS to use this feature. If you are a mac user, the macOS version has to be High Sierra or newer.

How to Use Immersive View Features?

Step 1: Upgrade your Zoom Desktop App to latest version (Version: 5.6.4 (799))

Have an Out-of-the-box Approach to Meetings With Zoom 'Immersive View'

Step 2: Enable Immerse in Zoom Web portal

Have an Out-of-the-box Approach to Meetings With Zoom 'Immersive View'

Go to the Zoom web portal (www.zoom.us) -> Login with SSO -> Settings -> Immersive View -> Enable

Step 3: Select the immersive Screen in meeting view in Zoom meeting window.

Have an Out-of-the-box Approach to Meetings With Zoom 'Immersive View'

P.S: Maximum 25 meeting invitees will be visible in the virtual background. Rest of the users will be visible in the top meeting video window.

Zoom Immersive View vs Microsoft Teams Together Mode

In the new age of remote and “anywhere” work, tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom are emerging as the ultimate tool for team engagement.

And now, it’s time to find out the answer to the question you’ve all been waiting for. What’s the difference between Zoom Immersive View and Microsoft Teams Together Mode?

As stated before, both these apps are trailblazers in their own rights and share a LOT in common. The major difference is that Zoom’s Immersive View can handle up to 25 participants in the same shared scene, whereas Teams Together Mode can handle up to 49 people.

Zoom has made this feature accessible to all its users with free accounts as well.

Any participants over the 25 limit are displayed in a thumbnail strip at the top of the scene. Zoom recommends Gallery View for larger meetings.

Zoom has also provided quite a few scenes that hosts can take advantage of.  Participants also have the liberty to upload their own scenes.

Bask in A New Style of Video Conferencing

Be rest assured that this is just one among a host of updates zoom has announced in order to make virtual meetings more dynamic and inclusive.

Have you heard about the vanishing pen? This nifty feature allows users to share and highlight components of a whiteboard temporarily, before being automatically erased over time. This is extremely useful during webinars.

A bunch of new emojis have also been added adding upon the six original emojis which were previously available.

There is another exciting feature on the pipeline concerning the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, but we won’t give anything away now! (You’re welcome!)

We hope you found this information on how to Have an Out-of-the-Box Approach to Meetings with Zoom ‘Immersive View’ useful. Do you have any other enticing updates you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Till then, peace out!

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