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Top 3 Smart Gadgets To Upgrade Your Pet Care

Top 3 Smart Gadgets To Upgrade Your Pet Care

Your pet is your family. As humans, we have always been fond of animals. Earlier, we raised animals for protection and livestock purposes. Today, we do it mostly for travel and companionship. Needless to say, they aren’t just animals anymore. What’s more – in many houses, they have their own beds, couch, or even a room. Added to that is technology, that is helping humans reshape their care and take it to a whole new level.

Technology is reinventing a pet’s world. It is becoming as prevalent in our pet’s lives as it is in ours. Gadgets range from safety and security to tracking and training – possibly every little purpose you can imagine right now.

According to research, there are 300 million different species living in homes across the US. 67% of American families own at least one pet. In the UK, 79% of millennials say they can spend more on their pets than on themselves. 

All these stats are testimonies to why the pet care market is valued at $232.8 billion in 2020, in the US alone. 

Given the current importance of pets, it will not be wrong to say that the technology players are doing their best to earn their fair share from this lucrative market. 

Today, you will find various innovative gadgets, both online and at a physical store, that will make you and your pet’s life easier. Honestly saying, the list is endless. To save you the effort, we shortlisted 3 really smart gadgets you can easily purchase to upgrade your pet care.

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3 smart gadgets to help you upgrade your pet care

Here’s the list of items for your favorite cat or dog or any animal that you pet right now.

#3. Cat Water Fountains

Your fluffy friends can sometimes require a lot of pamper just to keep them hydrated. Cat-lovers would definitely agree to the amount of turmoil they have to go through every day to make their cats drink that life-saving liquid. It sometimes is an endless battle.

A challenge as big as this just needs a small device as shown above. 

Known as “Cat Drinking Water Fountain,” these amazingly designed water fountains entice cats and keep them coming again and again. You can find them in a variety of designs and features available online.

#2. Pet Cameras

The biggest fear for those who own a pet is the safety of their lovely friends when they are not around. 

There are times when you have to leave your pets behind and go to work, or to a relative’s place, or just the store around the block. And while you are outside, the only thing that keeps moving back and forth in your mind is what your pet would be up to. 

Well, no more wondering about, as this one device puts an end to all the scary things that come to your mind about your pets when you are not with them.

Introducing “Pet Cameras,” a treat tossing, HD Wi-Fi Pet Camera that can livestream audio and video of your pet to your phone anytime you want. 

The highly sensitive device also sends notifications to your phone when it senses movements, barks, or other noises caused by your pet. 

#1. GPS Trackers

Over 10,000,000 dogs end up getting lost every year. And lost pets are barely found, unless they had a microchip installed, a traditional way to identify and track animals. But not anymore, thanks to these new-age GPS trackers.

A must-have for every pet owner, GPS Trackers act as life-savers for dog owners. A small device attached to your furry friend’s neck will keep you notified of every step your canine is taking.

These devices are built to be more useful than being just a tracking device for your pets. For instance, you can monitor their calories burnt, set fitness goals, mark safe spaces, and do a lot more.

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