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Everything About Truth Social, Trump’s Own Social Media App

Everything About Truth Social, Trump’s Own Social Media App
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And before you ask why Trump launched his own social media app, here’s the answer: Trump was banned a year and a half ago by almost every social media platform. So what do you do when you are a billionaire who isn’t a favorite of popular social media channels? You create your own popular social media channel. And that’s exactly what former president Donald Trump did. He created Truth Social. 

Now back to our blog, Truth Social is a social media app by Donald Trump. The idea came into existence as a result of anger and frustration. In a statement released last year, Trump announced he was declaring war on the Big Tech as a response to “tyranny of the tech giants” who have “used their unilateral power to silence dissenting voices in America.” So essentially, you know it is going to be a social media channel just like Facebook and Twitter, where you can openly create conversations or participate in an ongoing one. However, there’s more to it and we’ll try to uncover those secrets in this blog. 

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Who developed it

Trump Media & Technology Group, or more widely known as TMTG, is the company responsible for the tech part. TMTG is an American media and technology company founded in February 2021 by Trump himself. 

How it works

So the one thing unique about Truth Social is that the posts will be called “truths.” Like Twitter’s tweets and Facebook’s posts, these will look exactly similar too, and will have four engagement buttons – Like, Reply, Comment, and Share.

Apple’s App store description for the app reads: “Think of a giant outdoor event tent at your best friend’s wedding. Who’s there? The combination of multiple families from all over the United States, and the world.”

Like other social apps, Truth Social too allows you to follow other accounts, view and engage on trending topics, and create a followership of your own. As per reports, Trump’s account on this site has 175 followers so far.

How it looks

Judging by the screenshots shared in the App Store, it bears a strong resemblance to Twitter. 

When will it be released

Initially, TMTG announced they were going to launch the app on October 2021. The unfulfilled promise might get fulfilled this week, as it was recently shared that the app is going to be released this week on Apple’s App Store first. Whether it will be released worldwide or in selected countries is still uncertain.

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