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Modernize Your 2021 Thanksgiving: Do These 3 Easy Changes

Modernize Your 2021 Thanksgiving: Do These 3 Easy Changes

Thanksgiving has almost arrived – and you might have a hundred different things to do. However, living in the “new normal” where we all are experiencing a series of great awakenings and reevaluating our true purpose, Thanksgiving needs to be a little different as well. For a true, wholesome celebration, you need to modernize your 2021 Thanksgiving. 

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, keep in mind things aren’t the same; your favorite stores might not be open and you can expect to pay more for turkey, potatoes. Also, your guests might not guarantee a 100% availability. So how to throw a Thanksgiving event that allows you to celebrate with everyone, not worry about rising costs, and retain the essence of the tradition?

For starters, you can think of kick-starting off this holiday by designing a plethora of virtual experiences. Here is a breakdown of the concept. 

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#1. Change your cooking estimation – Send an online RSVP form

Well, you can cook for everyone you are inviting, but what if your prospective guests run with some last-minute errands and can’t make it to your dinner party? 

The consumer price index has reported an 11.9% increase in the prices of poultry, fish, and relevant food items. Inflation is at a 31-year-high and food prices are consistently up. In this environment, surely you don’t want to see that turkey – and other delicacies – go waste because all your guests didn’t make it. 

For an almost-accurate estimation, you must first understand the difference between confirmed guests and prospective guests. Technology can help you get this insight. 

You can send an online RSVP with the help of Google Forms. For a definite response, keep it simple by asking them to choose from the following three options regarding their availability: Yes, No, and Maybe. 

The correct estimate would be preparing your dinner for all who replied ‘yes’ and 50% of all that said “maybe.”

#2. Change your invitation model – Use a video invitation

Videos have become an eminent part of our social world, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and other frontrunners of social media. Think about using this technology tool to replace your existing method of inviting your loved ones. 

But why?

Videos appeal more, and will have a deeper impact. Imagine receiving a video invitation that also includes nostalgic memories of previous Thanksgiving dinners you celebrated with them. Wouldn’t you feel more appreciated and welcomed? Wouldn’t you want to recreate those memories again? And finally, wouldn’t you be truly excited and be the first one to arrive on the day of invitation? You surely will be – and the same will happen if you do it for your guests.

You can use Flexclip to create truly amazing video invitations for free.

#3. Change the way you celebrate – Have a virtual celebration 

“Happiness is only real, when shared.” A true celebration includes everyone, but the pandemic…

Yes, the pandemic may stop you from having all your loved ones at the party, but technology has a way of bringing everyone close and together. 

Make your celebrations virtual by connecting on video conferring platforms with all you can’t come. You can use Zoom, Teams, or Meet for this. Make sure you have sent them a calendar invite for the event 4-5 days in advance and have all the meeting IDs and links clearly in place.

Your friends and family can join you virtually this way and even participate in most games and activities. Surely they might not be able to taste the mouthwatering dishes, but here’s the plus – they might stay longer than any other guest.

Happy Thanksgiving 2021.

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