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Take Your Movie Night To The Next Level With These Must-Haves

Take Your Movie Night To The Next Level With These Must-Haves

Whether you prefer indoor screenings or outdoor movie nights — it’s the perfect time to grab some great deals on electronics, home products, and much more. Take some ideas from here and take your movie night up to the next level

Here are some of the best Netflix-and-chill upgrades, from a new TV to popcorn makers. Explore this blog for some cool gadgets to elevate your movie night experience.

Fire Stick TV 4K

Upgrade any TV with a USB port into a smart TV with the Fire Stick, which gives you access to 4K UHD, Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+. Dobby Atmos home theater audio, a universe of channels, and live TV — as well as music streaming — can all be accessed with this fairly magical device, too.

MVV 1080P Projector

Take the film screening outdoors with this top-rated projector meant for the outdoors — and a 100-inch screen, too.

Cocktail Shaker Set

Got the booze but not the tools? This cocktail shaker set has a built-in strainer, measuring jigger, stirrer spoon — and best of all, a shaker with a cocktail-making cheat sheet built-in.

Ecolution Original Micro-Pop

Far more eco-friendly than using microwave bags each time, this popcorn popper just needs a quick wash once you’re done making a batch of buttery popcorn.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker

If you don’t have patience for stovetop methods but don’t want the oil or waste of microwave bags, these oil-free popcorn makers are a happy medium.

Twinkle Star String Lights

Give a Disney movie night some fairy-tale ambiance with this easy-to-hang string of twinkle lights.

PVO Portable Projector

If you never know where your film screenings will take you, this portable projector allows you to screen anywhere, from the side of a building to a sheet hung up from a tree. It’s a great size for kids to bring over to friends’ places too.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are still one of the most comfortable chairs to watch movies from.

Sheet Mask Supply Kit

Stash a few of these in the beer fridge by the basement TV the next time you want an escape — it’ll be a cool treat on a busy summer evening when watching a movie is the first time you’ve sat down all day.

Wine Cooler

This wine fridge keeps the perfect bottle of chilled wine when you’re hosting a movie night — meaning more room in the fridge for delicious snacks.

Glass Snack Jars

Movie-night guests will never say no to candies and cookies stored in cute glass jars. It’s just a fact.

Get comfy and perfect your next movie night!

Let us know what is your idea for a perfect movie night in the comments section.

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