Airbnb Wants 12 People To Live Anywhere in the World for a Whole Year for Free

Airbnb Wants 12 People To Live Anywhere in the World for a Whole Year for Free

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could live in Argentina one week, then Denmark the next? Now’s your chance. Airbnb has just unveiled its“Live Anywhere on Airbnb” contest, inviting up to 12 people to bounce between Airbnb listings across the globe for a whole year. In a recent report by Airbnb, 74 percent of people said they wished to live somewhere other than where they work once the pandemic ends. With this unique opportunity, Airbnb is making that dream a reality for some.

But there’s a catch: The chosen few will be required to report and share their experiences in each destination to help Airbnb improve their platform and offerings for the future. Think of it as a yearlong survey, where the cost is a series of book reports and the reward is free room and board for a year—plus a lifetime of memories and life-changing adventures. Sounds like a fair trade!

“The experience of living on Airbnb has been truly transformational for us,” said Debbie Campbell, one of Airbnb’s longtime guests. “Live Anywhere on Airbnb will give even more people the opportunity to see the world through a whole new lens just as we have. We’re excited to see more people living and working from wherever they choose.”

While traveling between different Airbnb locations, you’ll also receive accommodation credits and a translation allowance, and the company will even let you host your current property on their platform, so you can earn extra cash while you’re living like a nomad. You can also be accompanied by three additional companions. In order to enter you must be 18 or older and be a citizen of the countries listed in the application. The program will run from September 2021 through July 2022, but the submission period ends on June 30th, so get moving. And good luck!

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