AllCloud Makes the Matillion One Click Solution Available to Quicken Cloud Data Analytics

AllCloud Makes the Matillion One Click Solution Available to Quicken Cloud Data Analytics

AllCloud, a global cloud services company AWS Premier Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, announces the launch of the Matillion One-Click solution, its latest Solutions Factory offering. AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution is an IP-led solution that accelerates customers’ journey to the cloud for data analytics by helping them acquire data faster and at scale, reducing the amount of time it takes to fully produce their Matillion instances by 75%. AllCloud is a Platinum Matillion Partner.

Matillion helps a company turn its raw data into timely and meaningful information. Its ETL tool integrates with an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors, loads the data into a cloud environment, and performs the transformations necessary in order to make data consumable by analytics tools such as Sigma, Tableau, Power BI, and more.

One of the challenges with ETL tools is that line-of-business leaders don’t understand the complexity of acquiring data, bringing it into a data warehouse, and making it accessible. It’s an onerous process that can take a company months to achieve. With AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution, companies can accomplish this goal in a matter of weeks, showing value to the business faster. AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution complements Matillion’s ETL by adding six (6) critical components needed to fully productize their Matillion instance. Clients are now able to: rapidly setup and configure the initial deployment and configuration; automate the setup and maintenance of data pipelines and quality checks; automate testing of changes and promotions; monitor job, server, costs, and performance; increase team productivity through CICD and Git integration, and manage upgrades and disaster recovery.

“AllCloud is focused on accelerating our customers’ journey to the cloud, whether that journey involves AWS, Salesforce, or data analytics,” said Dave Taddei, SVP, of Data, and Analytics Practice, North America, at AllCloud. “AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution greatly enhances our ability to provide clients with data that is business-ready so they may realize increased revenues, find new revenue streams, improve margins and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

The AllCloud Matillion One-Click solution is part of AllCloud’s Solution Factory. The AllCloud Solutions Factory supports every stage of a company’s cloud journey, from migration and modernization to security, compliance, and DevOps, while optimizing cost and governance.

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