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Ampere Computing Is Expanding in the Public Cloud, According to Liftr Insights Statistics

Ampere Computing Is Expanding in the Public Cloud, According to Liftr Insights Statistics

Liftr Insights, a pioneer in market intelligence driven by unique data, shows the growth of Ampere Computing through the lens of Liftr Insights data.

Ampere Computing, a candidate for an IPO in the near future, first made an appearance among the top six cloud providers in mid-2021. The company’s presence continues to expand in the cloud, with data showing annual growth as of mid-November 2022 of 443%.

“Intel and AMD are paying close attention to Ampere,” says Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. “They know that Ampere is cutting into their share of the overall market.”

Intel and AMD build CPUs based on x86 architecture. The ARM-based architecture competes with x86. Investors are keeping a close eye on ARM as another pre-IPO company.

Among the indicators of Ampere Computing growth indirectly, and ARM directly, is the continued expansion of AWS Graviton. Like Ampere Computing, Graviton uses the ARM architecture. The adoption of Graviton within AWS is a good signal for interest and willingness of companies to shift from x86 to ARM-based chips like what Ampere Computing offers.

Liftr Insights has tracked the growth of AWS Graviton from the first generation to the latest generation released this year. Graviton has grown 20% over the past 6 months according to Liftr Insights data.

Other cloud providers are opting to leverage Ampere Computing technology in lieu of or prior to implementing their own ARM-based CPUs. Private companies are looking to ARM-based architecture as a possible option for performance at a lower cost and lower power consumption. While debates continue about whether ARM-based architectures can provide equivalent performance to x86-based architecture for a reduced overall cost, Liftr Insights data indicate more consumers are willing to make the shift.

“We’ve been watching Ampere Computing and ARM since we started tracking data in early 2019,” says Schadt. “The rate of growth and the impact on Intel and AMD has been exciting to watch. Our customers are following those changes every few weeks! We expect even more interest when Ampere Computing and ARM file for their IPOs.”

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