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Apple May Launch New iPod Touch by Late 2021 to Mark 20 Years of the Iconic Product

Apple May Launch New iPod Touch by Late 2021 to Mark 20 Years of the Iconic Product

Apple surprisingly brought the iPod Touch back from obscurity back in May 2019 and in the two years that have since passed, we’ve barely heard much about it. You can still buy one of the Apple e-stores but it’s fair to say that most of us have forgotten about it. Well, Apple seemingly hasn’t. A new rumor suggests that Apple could be working on an 8th gen iPod Touch, likely with significantly better hardware. According to Steve Moser, who writes for MacRumors, and is also a data miner, has stumbled upon evidence that suggests that we could see the iPod Touch get a refresh as soon as late 2021.

Moser who put out a series of tweets to report his findings was also able to share close-ups of the supposedly revised iPod Touch and it’s safe to say that Apple could be taking a bunch of design cues from its current iPhone 12 lineup.
Coincidence or not? 23rd October 2021 also marks two decades years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPod, so Apple having a little special something planned is quite plausible. Steve Moser also pegs in a fair bit of information that has been floating around but hasn’t really been cross-verified by anyone just yet, and as such should be taken with loads of salt.

With Apple Music due to receive support for lossless audio playback, an iPod Touch with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter) could be the ideal package for audiophiles. A product on similar grounds would also bring back much-needed freshness to the iconic iPod line. All said and done, we will have to wait and see what Apple has in store for the device and if there’s enough here to get all hyped about for late 2021.

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