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AVASK and SellersFunding Partner to Support Global Ecommerce Seller Expansion

AVASK and SellersFunding Partner to Support Global Ecommerce Seller Expansion

SellersFunding, a leading fintech provider for e-commerce sellers, today announced its partnership with AVASK, a leading accounting firm specializing in cross-border expansion. As a global financial solutions company on a mission to empower growth for e-commerce sellers, the partnership will help sellers expand globally by eliminating the once-prohibitive barriers.

By combining the financial capabilities of SellersFunding with the experience of AVASK’s e-commerce accountants and cross-border VAT experts, e-commerce merchants will be able to grow their businesses internationally with fewer hassles and greater peace of mind. By cutting through the red tape for these businesses, SellersFunding and AVASK have paved the way for accelerated scaling.

“We’re thrilled to enter this partnership with AVASK,” said Ricardo Pero, CEO of SellersFunding. “There is a massive opportunity for online businesses to expand beyond their current borders and grow their footprints globally. This partnership means that e-commerce sellers will be able to access the financial products of SellersFunding and the cross-border expansion experts of AVASK so they can expand quickly and easily.”

“International expansion is perhaps one of the more complicated elements of running an e-commerce business as each country has its own tax laws, rates, regulations, and requirements. By providing expert indirect tax advice and accounting services along the way, AVASK can help businesses expand cross-border and grow,” said Melanie Shabangu, Tax Director and Partner at AVASK. “We are so excited to partner with SellersFunding to bring value-added services to the global e-commerce ecosystem and provide businesses with the correct financial solutions and consultancy support to grow internationally – safely, securely, and quickly.”

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