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By Empowering Content Creators, the Tech Startup Writespike Is Revolutionising the Publishing Sector


The growing popularity of the new online publishing platform indicates we are on the precipice of a major shift in the way content is created and consumed. Presently, content creation seems to follow The Golden Rule: The man with the gold, rules. Whether you agree with the morality of this principle or not, it certainly seems to be the case in today’s publishing industry. And although this may never change, after all, creators have to earn a living, what can change is who holds the gold. When a content consumer pays a creator directly, both the consumer and the creator are empowered. When middlemen like editors, agents, and advertising giants stand between the creator and the consumer, the creator has more than just his or her consumer to satisfy. And this inhibits freedom of thought and expression.

WriteSpike founder Tanya Marion says, “The content we consume is influenced by who pays for it and how they pay for it.” Online content is generally supported through advertising dollars generated by website traffic. This means for content creators to make money writing online, they must write on topics with broad, mass appeal to draw in traffic. Content creators who work with traditional publishing houses face a similar dilemma because of the high overhead costs associated with traditional publishing. Niche, original-thought content isn’t as likely to be published when high overhead requires a large sales volume. And that is why literary agents and editors serve as traditional publishing gatekeepers, deciding which content is marketable and which is not. But what if content creators could skip middlemen and appeal directly to their consumers? With WriteSpike, now they can.

WriteSpike is a platform for writers and artists to monetize their talent and appeal directly to their fanbase by streamlining the publishing method and making content monetization a social experience. When a creator posts on WriteSpike, they answer only to their consumer, not advertisers, editors, or agents. This gives the creative freedom to explore fresh, original-thought content in an intimate way. It creates a unique and personal relationship between the content creator and the content consumer.

Tanya Marion, describes the startup best, “Our number one goal at WriteSpike is to help writers connect with their readers and monetize content in a way that is better for both the reader and the writer. We’re trying to get back to basics. We want our writers and artists to reach content consumers in a sincere and personal way, forging lasting relationships. We don’t want posts buried in a newsfeed of thousands, where everyone is seeking to grab the attention of a three-second audience. We want an audience that is intimately and sincerely connected to their favorite content creators so enthusiastically that they are willing to pay for their content through tips and subscriptions. This gives both the creator and the consumer direct control of their content. It’s simple really. It’s just getting back to the basics of true connection.”

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