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By Selecting Emporix As Its Digital Commerce Platform, AmerCareRoyal Sets Its Sights on Scalability

By Selecting Emporix As Its Digital Commerce Platform, AmerCareRoyal Sets Its Sights on Scalability

AmerCareRoyal (ACR), a leading B2B supplier of disposable products in food, sanitation, industrial and medical industries, has chosen headless eCommerce specialists Emporix to provide its digital commerce platform. Under a new digital strategy, the platform will be used to enhance business growth and improve channel experience.

Through Emporix’s composable commerce solution, ACR will now bring its complex ecosystem of suppliers, vendors and distributors together under one digital roof.

The microservices-enabled, API-first, cloud-native and headless (MACH) solution will help ACR have more control over its backend and frontend applications, and each independently. This will aid optimized sales practices, increased customer-service levels, and improvements in overall process efficiencies.

Jeff DeSandre, CIO at AmerCareRoyal, said: The Emporix Digital Commerce Platform allows us to replace a number of existing systems and to ultimately unify our B2B and B2C solutions. This will propel us ahead by addressing key areas such as order fulfillment where there is a current requirement for manual work. Automating such processes will enable us to supercharge our scalability.

The solution will be brought to market with the help of Emporix preferred partner Avatria, a digital services firm based in Chicago and specializing in innovative digital commerce and data science solutions. We love the approach that Emporix brings to the table. As a platform, it enables us to truly deliver against ACR’s business goals while getting to market quickly. said Zach McMahon, Chief Technology Officer at Avatria.

Eberhardt Weber, Founder and CEO of Emporix, said: By leveraging Emporix’s modular and scalable digital commerce platform, ACR will be able to work toward key business outcomes while increasing ease-of-use and flexibility for its partners and customers. With a clear overview of business data, our platform will provide proactive alerts, thereby increasing visibility of operations and accelerating AmerCareRoyal’s technological and strategic growth.

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