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Clean-Tech Companies Increasing B.C.’s Profile in ZEV Market

Clean-Tech Companies Increasing B.C.’s Profile in ZEV Market

Two Richmond companies are helping B.C. transition to a clean-energy future by advancing the use of hydrogen and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) technology and creating new clean-tech jobs.

“B.C. is home to many innovative clean-tech companies that are helping us grow as a leader in the hydrogen economy and ZEV industry,” said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, while on a recent tour of IRDI and Foreseeson Technology Inc. “We’re seeing B.C. companies engaged in businesses that show how hydrogen will help us meet our CleanBC goals and create new high-paying clean-tech jobs throughout the province as well.”

Based in Richmond, IRDI System Inc. is a hydrogen-fuelling technology developer that builds hydrogen-fuelling components for passenger and heavy-duty vehicles, and exports products internationally. IRDI is receiving $72,940 through the Province’s CleanBC Go Electric Advanced Research and Commercialization Program for its infrared transmitter, used for acquiring data in refueling hydrogen fuel-cell passenger vehicles, as well as a handheld diagnostic receiver to test the functionality of infrared communication systems in hydrogen-fuelling stations.

“IRDI has grown from a small B.C.-based startup to a global leader in infrared communication technology for hydrogen fuelling,” said Edward Li, general manager, IRDI. “This grant will ensure we continue innovating during this exciting time and help us to maintain our head start in burgeoning hydrogen markets such as Europe, Korea, North America and Japan.”

Located next door to IRDI, Foreseeson Technology Inc. employs more than 90 people. It has been IRDI’s prime manufacturer since 2010, sourcing parts, performing assembly, integration, and testing for its infrared communications systems for the hydrogen fuel-cell industry. Foreseeson offers technology solutions in the field of green technology and provides a variety of services, including electronic manufacturing, electric-vehicle charging equipment, and software platforms.

“With the B.C. Hydrogen Strategy being put into action toward the advancement of hydrogen technology, creating jobs and making B.C. a leader in the hydrogen economy, it is important to have a reliable manufacturing capability to build such high-end products locally,” said S.U. Moon, president, Foreseeson Technology Inc. “Foreseeson Technology Inc. is pleased and honored to be IRDI’s partner in manufacturing its innovative products in B.C.”

The B.C. Hydrogen Strategy provides a roadmap for how the province can be a world leader in the production, use, and export of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen. Shifting away from fossil fuels is critical for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Hydrogen is a key practical solution to decrease emissions in sectors that are difficult to decarbonize, such as medium- and heavy-duty transportation.

CleanBC is a pathway to a more prosperous, balanced, and sustainable future. It supports the government’s commitment to climate action to meet B.C.’s emission targets and build a cleaner, stronger economy for everyone.

Quick Facts:

  • B.C. is the first province in Canada to release a comprehensive hydrogen strategy.
  • Part of CleanBC, the B.C. Hydrogen Strategy includes 63 actions for government, industry, and innovators to undertake during the short term (2020-25), medium-term (2025-30), and long term (2030 and beyond).
  • B.C. is recognized internationally as a global leader in hydrogen and fuel-cell research and development.
  • More than 50% of Canada’s hydrogen and fuel-cell companies are in B.C., and the province accounts for about 60% of research investment in hydrogen and fuel-cell development.
  • The CleanBC Go Electric Advanced Research and Commercialization Program supports the ZEV sector in B.C. by providing reliable and targeted support for research and development, commercialization, and demonstration of B.C.-based ZEV technologies, services, and products.
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