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DaveAI Celebrates a Year of Rapid Innovation With a Considerable Increase in Its Customer Base, Staff, and Revenue

DaveAI Celebrates a Year of Rapid Innovation With a Considerable Increase in Its Customer Base, Staff, and Revenue

Vehya – a startup that provides verified professionals for the installation and service of sustainability products such as EV chargers, solar, and battery storage – announces the hire of Anna ten Bensel as the new Chief Technology Officer to build a technological approach in the growing EV industry.

With more than 10 years of experience, Anna ten Bensel is a graduate-level student at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a notable senior developer who experienced technologies such as blockchain, robotic automation, and mobile development before joining Vehya. As the new CTO, ten Bensel will be responsible for engaging, hiring, and developing the technology team, such as developing and shaping new cutting-edge technologies for positioning Vehya as the most innovative EV company.

“Working for Vehya is an amazing experience filled with innovation and creativity. I am constantly amazed by the innovative ideas and approaches we bring to the table. Whether pioneering cutting-edge technologies or developing complex machine learning algorithms to connect our users to highly qualified service professionals seamlessly, there is never a dull moment at Vehya. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an innovative, inclusive, and inspiring team,” says ten Bensel.

In order to attend to customers’ needs, the technology created by ten Bensel will also play a significant role in providing an integrated solution through API for logistics, storage, management, and recruiting for the whole operation. As a digital platform, technology is at Vehya’s core, and the new CTO has the mission of supporting its development and international expansion in which the tech department has the challenge of adapting the solutions for local needs, such as language, payment methods, partners’ dashboards, and technical requirements.

Vehya is a startup that focuses on the future using the EoT – Electrification of Things – a concept that is believed to be the best path to sustainability nowadays. The idea suggests that items that require conventional energy can use clean-powered electricity, including transportation. The electrification of things requires not only innovative infrastructure and technology development but integrated solutions with partners and clients and optimization of the providers.

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