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EnergX Announces First-ever Ai Application for Employee Retention

EnergX Announces First-ever Ai Application for Employee Retention

With the cost of replacing employees at 50% of a junior salary and up to 250% of a senior salary according to the Society of HR Management, EnergX has announced a world-first AI coach with a focus on employee retention.

The scalable technology is designed to help businesses retain staff and get a healthy ROI within the existing flow of work.

Named Franky to reflect its straightforward approach, the coach chooses from over 5.7 million personalized curriculum options to connect employees to the intrinsic drivers of engagement that maintain their motivation and improve the quality of their work.

Franky ‘lives’ in existing platforms like Teams, Slack, Webex, and Workplace to enable organizations to drive behavior change without the need for extensive IT installation.

Endorsed by University of Sydney Professor of Psychology David Alais, who has noted results shown through the new AI have significantly helped with factors contributing to employee anxiety levels, stress management, and overall employee happiness.

“As a psychologist and neuroscientist, I admire how EnergX has built on evidence from both fields to design a remarkably effective approach that overcomes burnout in short time frames.”

With burned-out employees 2.6x more likely to leave, this approach is proving a strong link between improving employee health and a corresponding reduction in the risk factors associated with retention.

The AI curriculum was complemented with team learning experiences designed to create a sense of belonging and leadership development and coaching. Upon completion, participants were reassessed for retention risk and also against the World Health Organization Wellbeing Index.

At this point, EnergX found that employees in very good or excellent health were 4.1x more likely to have zero retention risk factors when compared with employees in poor health.

This impact was made more significant by tripling the number of leaders and overall employees in very good to excellent health employees in just 100 days.

“At the end of the day achieving competitive advantage requires you to have the fittest team on the field,” says EnergX CEO Sean Hall.

He added, “The first step to achieving this, and your best retention strategy right now, is to help your people overcome burnout. This doesn’t happen overnight, and definitely not with generic masterclasses, but it can happen much quicker than you think.”

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