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Enhancements to Hunting’s ControlFire Well Perforating Technology

Enhancements to Hunting's ControlFire Well Perforating Technology

Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services, a subsidiary of Hunting PLC, the international energy services company, today introduced the ControlFire Perf+ Panel™ and Perf+ Logger™ software.

This new generation of ControlFire® software and hardware improves on the ControlFire shooting panel technology for perforating operations in oil and gas wells.

The ControlFire Perf+ Panel™ combines the shooting power supply, data acquisition, and Hunting’s ControlFire® controls into a single rack-mount panel that conveniently integrates multiple surface systems into a single, compact package. The new system also introduces design improvements and new features.

The Perf+ Panel system increases communication speed and reads detonator resistance downhole when used with ControlFire Recon™ products. It also introduces new automation capabilities during ControlFire operations that reduce human error and expedite the “on-the-fly” perforating process. This allows the user to focus on winch control, line tension, and other critical parameters while the perforating processes are automatic.

The Perf+ system’s new companion, Perf+ Logger software, seamlessly interfaces with existing depth systems to generate a user-friendly log record for perforating operations. By incorporating the shooting panel and data processing into a single unit, the Perf+ Logger software can automatically plot shot indications on the perforating log, providing real-time perforation depth records required for well data analytics.

Hunting’s perforating technology is available through Hunting’s network of distribution centers strategically located in all the world’s oil-producing regions.

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