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Expanding Fully Managed Solutions for IoT, Branch, and Mobile Applications: OptConnect Announces Partnership With Cradlepoint

Expanding Fully Managed Solutions for IoT, Branch, and Mobile Applications OptConnect Announces Partnership

OptConnect, a longtime leader in fully managed wireless services, today announced that it has partnered with Cradlepoint, a global leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions. This partnership allows OptConnect to expand beyond managed IoT connectivity and support enterprise and branch, primary and backup business internet connectivity deployments, with a simple Connectivity-as-a-Service model. This new offering will be sold by OptConnect’s Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS) division while the support and day-to-day management will be handled through OptConnect’s headquarters in Kaysville, Utah.

The partnership joins three pioneers in the connectivity space and draws upon the strengths of each organization. Cradlepoint is a leader in hardware and cloud-based support while OptConnect is a leader in offering plug-and-play fully managed solutions, and PWS has 10+ years of experience selling Cradlepoint hardware. Customers will benefit by having one trusted partner they can rely on for all their connectivity needs. OptConnect will offer a fully managed Cradlepoint device paired with a primary SIM and multi-carrier backup SIM for Out-of-Band Management and/or failover for enhanced support to minimize support calls and truck rolls for the primary SIM carrier. OptConnect will be adding to the features of its cloud-based portfolio management platform, Summit, by integrating Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager for enhanced capabilities. Every OptConnect deployment will also come with the full bundle of OptConnect managed services that customers have trusted for their connectivity needs for more than 13 years:

OptConnect’s latest offering with Cradlepoint provides a simple path for customers while removing all the delays, complexities, and frustrations of typical LTE deployments. As more organizations make the transition to cellular connectivity as their primary internet service, OptConnect has created a solution that will provide the highest level of support and reliability. Every second of lost connectivity is crippling for organizations so OptConnect’s fully managed solution was built to ensure success with as little to no downtime as possible.

“At OptConnect, we believe that connectivity should be simple, reliable, and easy to deploy, so we’ve perfected a fully-managed, plug-and-play solution that delivers that over the past 13 years,” said Chris Baird, CEO at OptConnect. “We are excited to partner with Cradlepoint and add its hardware solutions paired with our award-winning fully managed solutions to provide the highest level of reliability, support, and management for our customers and allow them to focus on their business while we take care of all of their connectivity needs.”

“Today’s announcement accelerates the deployment of robust wireless WAN solutions that create a secure, controllable, and manageable infrastructure for OptConnect’s growing customer base,” said Eric Purcell, SVP, Global Partner and Alliances at Cradlepoint. “As a member of the Cradlepoint Partner program, OptConnect can deliver unique and best-in-class Wireless WAN to help its customers transform businesses while providing the flexibility of choosing between a CapEx, OpEx, or totally managed service offering. We look forward to engaging with OptConnect to deliver scalable and enterprise-class solutions.”

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