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For Its AI Dash Camera, idrive Provides Advanced System Updates

For Its AI Dash Camera, idrive Provides Advanced System Updates

Idrive offers advanced system check-ins for the idrive AI, Cam. New AI-infused technology can detect and, in some instances, cure problems incurred on the field, drastically reducing downtime and maintenance costs. All from idrive’s secure online portal, you can now easily and efficiently check on all cameras for your entire fleet. The idrive AI Cam is a next-generation dash camera with technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior, generating critical data to improve driver performance and save lives. Idrive is a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) software and hardware for accurate driver monitoring.

Idrive has always offered system health checks, but with updates rolled out during 2022, idrive AI Camera customers can now manage them even easier than before from idrive’s online portal iris. System health checks are vital to both the camera and fleet’s operation. Depending on a business’s policy, they may not allow their drivers to operate their vehicle without a working camera in it. Having system health checks allows for the problem to be identified faster and potentially fixed on the spot remotely. It can also alert clients to correct something before it becomes an issue.

With the new rollouts, clients can easily keep track of:

  • Covered Camera Lens: Sends an alert to the iris and can be preset to alert the fleet manager via email if it detects that a camera lens is covered.
  • Overdue Connections: If a camera has not connected, iris will report that the camera has not checked in
  • Logs: Detailed logs help support potentially fixing the camera remotely so it may not need to be sent in for repair
  • Ping: Location pings can be sent from the camera even when the vehicle is not on; this can help aid in recovery if needed and available
  • Detect and Correct errors on internal SSD and Micro SD cards over the air
  • Real-Time Notification for serious camera problems

“Throughout the years, we have always made it a priority to offer our clients customizable and manageable features for our products. We want our system to be both highly advanced and user-friendly at the same time; these features are the perfect mixture of just that,” stated Sean O’Neil, CEO of IDrive.

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