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In Honor of DOM360’s Automotive Industry’s Women Leaders

In Honor of DOM360's Automotive Industry's Women Leaders

DOM360, an industry-leading, full-service digital marketing agency, and AI software company is celebrating its 15-year anniversary this year. DOM360 is also celebrating some key accomplishments from its own women in automotive leadership.

Connie Gundrum, Chief Client Officer, has been integral to the company’s success. Gundrum recently sat down with JM&A Group’s The Walk Around Podcast to discuss her more than twenty years of experience in the automotive industry. In the episode, Gundrum offers insights about working as a woman in automotive.

“It’s an exciting time to be in marketing in the automotive industry. Inventory is coming back, and marketers can return to what they do best. I look forward to leading our clients and my team toward future success.” – Connie Gundrum, CCO.

She has mentored countless employees and led hundreds of dealerships to success with her knowledge of automotive marketing and creative ingenuity. Those interested in listening to the podcast can do so here.

DOM360’s Jennifer Donovan, currently serving as Executive Strategic Advisor, has received third place for South Carolina’s Best in Business, and Best Chief Marketing Officer of the Year for 2022.

“To be recognized for something that I am so passionate about is fulfilling. Thank you so much. This is dear to my heart.” – Jennifer Donovan, ESA.

Donovan utilizes her experience spanning over two decades in automotive retail and marketing to strengthen the DOM360 brand and manage key relationships at the agency. Learn more about SC Best in Business Awards here.

Donovan Martech, Inc., parent company to DOM360, is proud to be an advocate for women in automotive. The company anticipates growth in the future from expanding company ventures such as Got Dibs, a user-friendly, all-in-one vehicle confirmation and reservation system, and the debut of an all-new tech stack being released in February 2023.

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