Infleqtion Gains Strategic Asset: Accomplished Four-Star General Funk Enhances National Security Tech Deployment

Infleqtion Gains Strategic Asset: Accomplished Four-Star General Funk Enhances National Security Tech Deployment
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Infleqtion, the world’s quantum information company, is delighted to announce General Funk, a distinguished retired four-star general of the United States Army, has joined Infleqtion as an advisor. General Funk’s unparalleled leadership experience and strategic expertise will contribute to accelerating the application of quantum technology in real-world scenarios. General Funk’s announcement follows the recent additions of Retired United States Air Force Major General Cameron Holt and Jay Wisham, Former Army Applications Lab Executive Director, as advisors.

With an impressive military career spanning more than 35 years, General Funk served as the commanding officer of the Army Training and Doctrine Command, the 60th Commanding General of III Corps and Fort Hood, Texas, and the Commanding General of the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve. He is renowned for his ability to scale and lead large organizations through times of uncertainty.

General Funk’s multifaceted expertise includes workforce development, risk management and mitigation, strategic and operational planning, talent management, budget execution, and strategic decision-making. He oversaw talent management for an 80,000-person organization dedicated to training and education within the 1.3 million-person U.S. Army. General Funk’s expertise will help accelerate Infleqtion’s mission to deliver technology that addresses current security concerns and shapes the future of national security.

“As recent events in the Ukraine conflict have demonstrated, commercial technology integration into military operations is becoming increasingly vital in ensuring the modernization and effectiveness of national security efforts. General Funk’s expertise and insights will be instrumental in guiding Infleqtion’s efforts to develop cutting-edge innovations relevant to today’s challenges and will shape the landscape of tomorrow’s warfare,” stated Infleqtion’s CEO Scott Faris.

General Funk will play a vital role in spearheading Infleqtion’s expansion efforts in Texas and fortifying the company’s strategic partnerships within the region, helping to identify significant opportunities for growth and collaboration. His addition to the Infleqtion team is pivotal as the company continues to expand its capabilities and offerings. His profound understanding of the strategic and tactical requirements across the military and multiple industries will provide valuable insights that bridge the gap between innovative technology and real-world applications.

“Infleqtion’s commitment to creating technology that advances national security is both impressive and vital in the evolving landscape of modern warfare. I am honored to become an advisor to Infleqtion and contribute to incorporating quantum devices into commercial and national security capabilities,” said General Funk.

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