Lenovo Introduces Dual AI Servers Tailored for Large Language Model Deployment

Lenovo Introduces Dual AI Servers Tailored for Large Language Model Deployment
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Chinese tech company Lenovo Group Ltd unveiled two new servers for artificial intelligence large language model training, as such servers are in high demand in China amid the ChatGPT-triggered AI boom.

The move is also part of Lenovo’s broader push to double down on AI to sharpen its competitiveness amid intensified competitions.

Liu Jun, executive vice-president of Lenovo Group and president of Lenovo China, said the company will continue to fully embrace AI, accelerate the implementation of inclusive computing power, and help Chinese enterprises accelerate their intelligent transformation.

“An independent AI ecosystem is forming in China at a faster pace, and it will present three major features, namely super intelligence in terminals, hybrid architecture computing, and AI being applied in all industry scenarios,” Liu said.

Liu made the remarks at the 2023 China Computational Conference in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, on Saturday.

Chen Zhenkuan, vice-president of Lenovo Group and general manager of the server business unit of the infrastructure business group of Lenovo China, said, the two newly launched Lenovo AI servers adhere to the two strategic characteristics of AI and green empowerment, and they cover all applications and build a comprehensive AI-oriented infrastructure.

The delivery time of AI servers is now a major focus of for the industry. Chen said that AI servers are currently in short supply. Currently, the orders for Lenovo’s two servers are very hot and some orders may have to wait to be scheduled to next year, Chen said.

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