Low-code-driven Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty Is Powered by Iterate.ai

Low-code-driven Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty Is Powered by Iterate.ai

Iterate.ai, whose innovation ecosystem enables customers to build production-ready low-code applications, today announced that Ulta Beauty is successfully leveraging Interplay to develop, deploy, and scale a number of innovative digital experiences for its guests.

The largest beauty retailer in the United States, Ulta Beauty was early to adopt a low-code strategy for rapid application development and iteration. The retailer first partnered with Iterate.ai in 2016 to empower its digital innovation team to experiment with cutting-edge digital technologies while reducing the resources needed to hardcode in new capabilities. This fast-paced experimentation process led to numerous digital experiences now familiar to Ulta Beauty guests, including the company’s guest services chatbot, AI-powered virtual beauty advisor, and curbside pickup, among others.

Powered by Interplay, Ulta Beauty’s guest services chatbot provides a virtual assistant interface to help guests track orders, ask questions, learn about beauty services, and understand shopping options across channels and categories. The company’s AI-powered virtual beauty advisor provides personalized skincare recommendations based on dynamic questions in response to individual needs. Curbside pickup, which became essential as the pandemic unfolded, was swiftly built and deployed within weeks.

To enable rapid application development, iterative improvements, and large-scale production deployments, Interplay delivers a low-code environment featuring both extensive tooling and drag-and-drop simplicity. The intelligent, low-code platform includes 475 pre-built modules that offers users full command of advanced AI/ML, IoT, voice, headless commerce, blockchain, data integration, and API connections to both startups and legacy systems. Leveraging Interplay’s powerful architecture and intuitive interface, developers of any experience level can assemble modules to quickly and securely build and test new applications. Compared with teams utilizing traditional code-writing methods, Interplay regularly achieves significantly faster development for its users.


“We could not have built the cutting-edge applications as efficiently as we did without our partners at Iterate.ai,” said Michelle Pacynski, Vice President of Digital Innovation, Ulta Beauty. “As early believers and first-movers on Iterate’s low-code invention, we quickly understood which applications were going to work and which weren’t. The ability to experiment rapidly allowed us to make confident, data-backed decisions that have allowed us to capitalize on opportunities where we can authentically and directly engage our guests in various experiences.”

“Ulta Beauty exemplifies how a dedicated, low-code strategy can power a transformative pace of innovation—in this case, around 10x faster than hardcoding,” said Brian Sathianathan, Chief Technology Officer, Iterate.ai. “When a business can deliver exciting, new features and adapt to customer needs with low-code speed, they rapidly gain customer satisfaction and competitive differentiation. We’re proud of our partnership and look forward to continued success with Interplay and Ulta Beauty’s innovation team.”

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