Mac-specific MX Keyboards and Mice From Logitech Have Been Updated

Mac-specific MX Keyboards and Mice From Logitech Have Been Updated

Logitech is today announcing a quartet of products in its Designed for Mac series of wireless accessories. The first headline item is the MX Mechanical Mini (for Mac), an Apple-favoring variation on the existing MX Mini which launched earlier this year. Fundamentally, it’s the same product as before, offering a refined twist on the mechanical tenkeyless keyboards currently en vogue. Naturally, you’ll get macOS-specific keycaps, and it’s available in a pair of more Mac-friendly colors: Space Gray or Pale Gray.

Next up is a Mac-specific version of the company’s flagship MX Master 3S mouse, again in Space Gray or Pale Gray. That carries over all of the same features as the existing 3S, and if we’re being honest, there’s little reason for this to exist as a separate model. After all, the standard 3S is a universal model, and it can already be customized with Mac-specific shortcuts in the macOS version of Options+, Logitech’s app for accessory tweaking.

The other major launch is the Lift for Mac which, like the above, is a Mac-hued version of its existing vertical mouse. Logitech says that the 57-degree angle of attack places your mitt in a natural handshake position for better comfort. At the same time, the company is rolling out a new color for its K380 wireless keyboard, this time in Blueberry. You can also pick up the accompanying mouse in that same hue, should you wish to go all matchy-matchy with your purple M1 iMac.

All four products are available to buy this month from Logitech’s official website and other major retailers. The MX Mechanical Mini will set you back $150, while the MX Master 3S is marked up at $100, with the Lift costing $70, and the blueberry K380 is $40.

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