More Features for Measuring Skin Temperature Are About to Be Added to the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series

More Features for Measuring Skin Temperature Are About to Be Added to the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches stand out as one of the most popular smartwatches in the world now. aside the popularity of the Samsung brand, the Galaxy Watches have a long-standing history as one of the most reliable smartwatches you can buy today. Galaxy smartwatches have trademark designs that distinct them from the rest.

Samsung’s smartwatch business almost died when it first started in 2013. Galaxy Gear, as it was called at that time faced a lot of criticisms due to bad battery life, limited functionality and high prices. The rebranding of the smartwatch from Gear to the Galaxy Watch helped turn things around. The Galaxy Watch came with a boost in battery life. It also introduced more useful features. This drew the attention of the end users to the Samsung smartwatch again. The rebranding of the Galaxy Watch has helped make it what it is today.

Since then, Samsung has piled the Galaxy Watch with a lot of features, and it is not even done yet. Samsung has finally enabled the skin temperature feature on the Galaxy Watch5 and the Watch5 Pro. The launch of this feature actually took some time after several months of speculations. Currently, the temperature sensor has limited functionalities which is skin temperature-based tracking.

Sources have claimed that the South Korean tech company is currently working on more features for this sensor. According to a Samsung official, Samsung is currently developing more temperature-based features for the Galaxy Watch5 series. He posted this in Samsung’s Korean forum, adding that the features will come in future software updates.

He was not able to disclose the timing for the release of these features. It is worth noting that a health tracking feature like this will require local authority certification in each region. For this reason, its release progress will always be slow. One feature we could easily guess is the ability to display the temperature of the wearer. For now, the body temperature does not show. The watch only uses the value for its calculations.

As we expect the release of the Galaxy Watch6 in July, there is a possibility it will debut with some of the new features. Samsung will then send these features as an update to the Watch5 series later on.

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