Nearly 70% of Americans Don’t Know Where to Recycle, More than Half of Americans Own Outdated Technology, According to a New Staples Survey

Nearly 70% of Americans Don’t Know Where to Recycle, More than Half of Americans Own Outdated Technology, according to a New Staples Survey

Today, Staples released a new survey which found that 54 percent of Americans own old technology items they have not used in more than one year while 70% don’t know where to take technology to be recycled. Staples wants to combat uncertainty around technology recycling by not only providing a free way for customers to recycle unwanted technology but also by rewarding them for keeping the planet cleaner. To encourage Americans to finally get rid of that old technology, Staples is both enhancing the benefits of its Free Tech Take Back Recycling Program starting now through mid-June and offering a special in-store discount during Earth Day weekend, when you recycle.

For many Americans, not knowing where to recycle is the top reason why they tend to hold onto old tech,” Mike Sauchuk, Senior Director, Recycling and Sustainability at Staples US Retail said. “However, more consumers express agreement that they intend to recycle an old technology product within the next six months. That’s why this Earth Day, Staples wants to not only make it easy for Americans to dispose of their old tech but also reward them for doing their part when it comes to recycling.

For more than 15 years, Staples has provided consumers the option of recycling old tech devices in their local stores. In 2022, Staples introduced Free Tech Take Back, rewarding customers by offering $5 back in Rewards for recycling in-store. In recognition of Earth Day, the company will double its current Free Tech Take Back Recycling program. Beginning April 16 through June 17, Staples will increase rewards back from $5 to $10 for in-store technology recycling. And, during Earth Day weekend (April 22-23), customers will also receive 15% off their in-store purchases of $30 or more when they recycle in store.

Additionally, the survey uncovered the technology that consumers are the least likely to recycle are laptops (78%),cellphones/smartphones (66%), and tablets/iPads (59%). The items consumers are most likely to have not used in a year or more are technology cables (62%), cellphone/smartphone chargers (46%) and computer accessories (44%). All of which are easily recycled at Staples.

To date, Staples has recycled more than 165 million pounds of technology in store. Learn more about Staples’ Free Tech Take Back program, Rewards, or find the closest Staples location with recycling services, by visiting because it’s recycling day every day at Staples.

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