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Platforms for Low-code Application Development in 2022 Announced by Nucleus Research’s Technology Value Matrix

Platforms for Low-code Application Development in 2022 Announced by Nucleus Research's Technology Value Matrix

Low-Code Application Development Platforms (LCAP) have become an attractive and mainstream practice among businesses looking to increase developer efficiency and accelerate the development of new product lines. Nucleus expects LCAP solutions to continue to gain popularity as businesses seek ways to maximize existing developer resources and efficiently extend IT ecosystems.

“Through ROI studies, Nucleus has determined that LCAPs deliver value through reduced development costs, accelerated go-to-market for new products and services, and increased operational efficiency,” said Research Manager Isaac Gould. “Organizations may deploy an LCAP as a revenue driver, using the tools to bring technology services and products to market faster and with fewer developer resources.”

Leading vendors in this year’s Value Matrix are differentiating their product functionality through pre-built templates and forms, DevOps governance, integration and database management, embedded analytics, workflow, and front-end design.

Leaders in this year’s Value Matrix deliver advanced functionality without sacrificing ease of use at scale. These include Appian, Mendix, Microsoft, Oracle, and Zoho.

The Experts in this year’s Value Matrix are organizations that deliver value to customers with complex use cases through deep functionality and industry-specific capabilities. These include Infor, Nintex X2, OutSystems, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

Facilitators in this year’s Value Matrix deliver value through greater ease of use and quick implementation. These include Betty Blocks, Creatio, Kissflow, and Qubole.

Core Providers deliver core capabilities with faster and less expensive adoption. This year’s Value Matrix Core Providers are OpenBots, Quick Base, and TrackVia.

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