Retailers in the Europe and Uk Market Now Have Access to JK Tech’s AI-powered Augmented Analytics Solutions

Retailers in the Europe and Uk Market Now Have Access to JK Tech's AI-powered Augmented Analytics Solutions

JK Tech, a global provider of next-generation digital transformation services, is launching its AI-powered Augmented Analytics offering in the Europe and UK market. The company is organizing a webinar – ‘Competitor & Pricing Intelligence Can Increase Your Retail GMV by 6%. Do You Know How?’ on the 15th of September 2022, to highlight how retail competitive analysis can help in gaining a competitive advantage and optimize business ROI.

JK Tech has been providing agile and customized technology solutions for its customers for many years. JK Tech’s Augmented Analytics solutions will enable retailers to improve inventory turnaround, increase in-store sales, and effective demand forecasting.

In a statement, Ram Kumar, Business Head – UK & Europe, JK Techsaid, “Though retailers have access to abundant data, they are under-leveraged in data monetization, and the absence of augmented analytics solutions makes data insights and business transformation, a challenge. JK Tech has created an integrated solution that can help retailers make decisions based on Personalisation & Recommendation using AI/ML to improve customer engagement, Demand Forecasting & Inventory Planning using machine learning, and Price Optimisation & Competitive Pricing to ensure profitability.”

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