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IoT Innovation: Treon’s Patent Bolsters Position in Sensor Technology
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Treon, a leading technology company specializing in wireless edge products for massive IoT, announces that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) has granted Treon patent US11656239. The patent covers Treon’s cutting-edge technology, which involves embedding the accelerometer inside the bolt of Treon Industrial Node 6 and its variants, eliminating unwanted resonances, and delivering high-quality measurement data.

“We are delighted to announce the granting of our patent for innovative acceleration and vibration measurement technology inside our sensor. This achievement reflects our team’s expertise in designing wireless products. The precise arrangement of the fastener ensures a secure fit of the accelerometer and temperature sensor inside the bolt of Treon Industrial Node 6, enabling accurate measurement and transmission of acceleration data,” asserts Jari Toivanen, Chief Engineer at Treon.

The patent US11656239 protects the innovation within Treon Industrial Node 6, which is a wireless, battery-operated sensor that measures tri-axial vibration and surface temperature of rotating equipment, such as pumps, motors, and compressors, with a frequency range up to 6.3kHz. In addition, Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex has ATEX, IECEx, and HazLoc certifications which allow measuring vibration in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The patent strengthens the differentiation of Treon and provides us and our partners a sustainable competitive advantage in manufacturing next-generation wireless vibration sensors,” states Joni Korppi, CEO of Treon, and continues “with the recognition of this patent, we strengthen our dedication to pushing the boundaries of wireless products for condition monitoring solutions, paving the way for new and exciting partnerships in the US.”

Securing this patent is a key accomplishment for Treon, aligning with its strategic entry into the North American market and building on Treon’s series of successful US partnerships. This includes notable collaborations with SymphonyAI Industrial, a prominent innovator in predictive maintenance and autonomous plant operations. By partnering with market leaders, Treon further strengthens its commitment to strategic alliances and propels its innovative growth.

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