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Slack Will Let You List Your Pronouns Right Under Your Job Title

Slack is now rolling out a new field for profiles that will let you list your pronouns right under your name and job title. Once filled out, your pronouns will appear both on the mini-profiles you see when you click on someone’s name and in their full profiles.

Note that your Slack profile may already have a pronouns field if an administrator created a custom field for your company’s employees. (When I went to check The Verge’s Slack, I found we already had one.) Slack says administrators can continue using that custom field or choose to turn on this new one, though the new dedicated pronouns field has the benefit of appearing more prominently in your profile.

PC: The Verge

This new field will be hidden by default, however — Slack administrators will have to flip it on for everyone in a Slack workspace. If you’re an administrator and want to do that, here’s a quick guide from Slack.

Slack joins a few other apps in letting people add pronouns to profiles, such as Instagram (which just got them last week), OkCupid, and Lyft.

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