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Sowtex Ties Up With U.S.-Based Fashion Tech Firm Tukatech for 3D Solutions

Sowtex Ties Up With U.S.-Based Fashion Tech Firm Tukatech for 3D Solutions

Sowtex Network Pvt. Ltd., a platform for fashion and textile businesses, has entered into a collaboration with U.S.-based Tukatech Inc., a fashion technology solution firm, to provide 3D technology-based integrated solutions for textile buyers, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers in Asia.

“Through this collaboration, we aim to reduce the sampling turnaround time for designers and manufacturers from three weeks to three hours,” said Sonil Jain, founder, and CEO, Sowtex Network.

He further added, “With a sophisticated cloud-based solution, the development cost for apparel manufacturers will reduce from an average of $5,000 to $49 only a month.”

“Our motive is to balance the units produced and the cost of development [of designs]. We intend to make garments specific to each individual and the challenge we faced earlier could be mitigated with this collaboration,” said Ram Sareen, founder, and CEO, Tukatech Inc.

Sowtex also announced the unveiling of Sowtex Design Lab which will provide ready access to buyers and manufacturers to a large collection of high-resolution images of fabrics and trims along with specifications, ready inventory, and prices.

“The lab will have over 30,000 swatches from global fabric mills and textile manufacturers. This combined with Tukatech’s 3-D visualizer will bring speed for the rapidly changing fashion industry,” said Mr. Jain.

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