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Sparc AI Inc. Unveils Game-Changing Use for Autonomous Drones

SPARC AI Unveils Game-Changing Use for Autonomous Drones
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SPARC AI INC announces it has discovered a powerful application of SPARC intellectual property and patents to navigate autonomous drones.

Autonomous drones use sensors and cameras to feed data into a drone’s navigation system. This data is used in conjunction with GPS, lidar, image recognition technology and AI algorithms to navigate autonomously without human control.

The SPARC AI patented algorithms can be used as an internal on-board navigation system for autonomous drones.

The patented SPARC algorithms records the Location Points (Px) of a drone’s flight path. The drone can use these Location Points to find the shortest path back to base or fly direct to any Location Point using the SPARC reverse lookup algorithm.

Drones can also use the SPARC virtual triangulation algorithm to create an accurate flight path to a Location Point or any other points of interest.

Eliminating the need for GPS, satellite, lidar or image recognition technology is a major differentiator of the SPARC enabled navigation system. The SPARC data collected can be used to create a real-time navigation map on-board the drone.

Autonomous drones are used in a variety of industries including transport, construction, logistics, surveillance and inspection, search and rescue, mining, military, and agriculture.

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