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Teijin Automotive Technologies Announces That CEO Steve Rooney Is Retiring

Teijin Automotive Technologies Announces That CEO Steve Rooney Is Retiring

Teijin Automotive Technologies (formerly Continental Structural Plastics) today announced that CEO Steve Rooney has elected to retire early.

Rooney, who also served as General Manager of the Teijin Composites Business Unit, leaves after serving the company for more than 11 years in various executive roles. He joined what was then Continental Structural Plastics in 2011 as a chief operating officer under former CEO Frank Macher and has led the company through a period of growth that includes multiple acquisitions; facility expansions and the construction of the new Texas facility; as well as establishing an operational presence in Europe and China. In 2017, he assumed the role of CEO, following the retirement of Macher. In 2021, he was named a Teijin Group Corporate Officer as General Manager of the Teijin Composites Business Unit. Teijin Automotive Technologies is a part of the Teijin Composites Business Unit.

“We are grateful to Steve for his dedication and commitment to Teijin Automotive Technologies,” said Akimoto Uchikawa, president and CEO of the Teijin Group. “Under Steve’s leadership, Teijin Automotive has experienced significant growth, while maintaining its leadership position in lightweight innovations. We wish him well as he moves on to this next chapter of his life.”

From October through November, Rooney will support the organization in an advisory role to ensure a smooth transition as Chris Twining assumes the role of COO of the Composites Business Unit, and CEO of Teijin Automotive Technologies; and Masataka Akiyoshi transitions into the role of General Manager of the Composites Business Unit. Twining previously served as President of Teijin Automotive Technologies North America. Akiyoshi previously served as Teijin Chief Officer, Corporate Strategy.

Twining, who has been with the company since 2001, has served in a variety of leadership positions. Prior to being named COO earlier this year, he was vice president of Operations and regional director of Operations. He has worked closely on the operations side of the business with Rooney over the past 11 years. Under his leadership, the company will continue to focus on sustainability, materials R&D, and applications engineered to meet the rapidly changing needs of the mobility industry, as well as efforts to streamline and standardize operations and implement manufacturing best practices enterprise-wide.

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