The 2021 True Influence Spring Summit Is Happening Today, at 2:30 P.M. (EST)

The 2021 True Influence Spring Summit Is Happening Today at 2:30 P M (EST)

As a B2B marketer, you’ve faced traditional disruptions that usually have a definite life cycle. But how do you deal with a disruption that seems endless; doesn’t respond to your best laid plans; and changes the course of history?

Sounds more like science fiction, right? Well, why not fight back by taking the same approach then and use advanced technologies as your weapon? If you tie your marketing data and analytics to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you will literally control the future of your business. 

With AI, businesses like you can leverage machine learning and predictive intelligence to cultivate resilience, augment marketing capabilities, boost sales, and lead through disruption. 

To help you achieve that, True Influence is bringing some of the best minds in AI in its upcoming spring summit, “Accelerating Revenue Through Artificial Intelligence.” The event will have experts dig into various concepts and use cases of AI that are helping B2B brands revive and turn resources into their single best source of revenue. 

Event Calendar

In a virtual format, the event kicks off on April 14, 2021, Noon, 2:30 p.m. (EST) onwards.

In a nutshell…

“Accelerating Revenue Through Artificial Intelligence” aims to explore the unexpected new B2B opportunities that can be seized with AI’s help. When the best minds of AI will discuss and explore the future of AI in B2B, you will gain true learning and insights that will help you turn B2B data, marketing and sales into a revenue machine. 

The critical points of the summit will be based around the following themes:

  • How AI gives B2B brands new tools to reach and engage buyers
  • What makes ML a necessary resource for B2B data, marketing, customer engagement, and selling
  • What are the hidden uses of AI in B2B and where should B2B CEOs invest in AI

This is the second summit in the “Accelerated Revenue” series, the first of which – Accelerated Revenue in Uncertain Times – was held on January 21, 2021.

6 Key topics of discussion

  1. How AI has given B2B brands new tools to reach and engage buyers
  2. How AI helps B2B brands activate, engage, and optimize across the funnel and buyer journey
  3. What makes AI a great resource for B2B engagement and selling
  4. How Ai connects with MarTech, Marketing, Operations, and Data
  5. How to avoid the “shiny new toy” syndrome
  6. Hidden uses of AI in B2b


Connect with a thought-provoking panel of A-listers who are known for their pioneering works, revolutionary ideas, keynote speeches, and extremely close ties with AI. 

Guest Speakers

The 2021 True Influence Spring Summit features keynote speakers, including:

  • Kerry Cunningham, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Laurence Moroney, Host of TensorFlow, Harvard EdX Instructor, and AI Advocacy Lead at Google
  • Jaime Perena, Director of Marketing and Strategy-Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft
  • Nick Robinson, Head of Digital Marketing (NA), SAP
  • John C. Havens, Executive Directors of Initiative on AI Ethics, IEEE
  • Craig Johnston, VP of Sales and Business Development, LiveEarth

In-house Speakers

The summit also brings two of the best minds of True Influence, whose accomplishments in the world of B2B lead generation are followed as an example by MarTech’s budding entrepreneurs.

  • Brian Giese, CEO, True Influence
  • RK Maniyani, CTO, True Influence

Special Highlight – Jay Leno

You heard it right! Jay Leno, the legendary American TV host, stand-up comedian, and writer, join the discussion too. And it doesn’t end there – the longtime “The Tonight Show” host will also engage in a LIVE Q&A with participants. 

Reserve your seat now for the “Accelerating Revenue Through Artificial Intelligence” 2021 True Influence Spring Summit. 

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