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The Goal of Emma and mui Lab Is to Transform How People Fall Asleep With a New Smart Sleep Solution

The Goal of Emma and mui Lab Is to Transform How People Fall Asleep With a New Smart Sleep Solution

Today at CES 2023, Emma – The Sleep Company and mui Lab, Inc., the Kyoto-based Calm Technology startup, announced their partnership. The two award-winning brands plan on developing a smart product within the sleep space featuring a wooden touch interface. The interface brings a calm sleep experience to the bedroom and enables people to leave their cellphone outside of a space meant for sleep. CES is known as the most influential technology showcase in the world, and a global stage for innovation. This unprecedented advancement to the bedroom ensures CES 2023 will be no exception.

95% of people use smartphones immediately before sleep, and many bring their devices into bed as well. Factors such as the smartphone’s blue light have been proven to negatively affect sleep. (*) The two companies aim to develop a smart, yet calm bedroom product that allows everyone to take back control of their sleep, by enabling people to customize their bedroom experience – including lights, temperature, alarm, and music – all from a wooden touch interface that is only visible when the information is needed.

“After an amazing 2022, Emma – The Sleep Company is starting 2023 in the best possible way: improving the overall sleep experience by pursuing a partnership with mui Lab,” said Manuel Müller, CEO & Co-Founder of Emma. “As a sleep tech company, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Through this latest innovation with mui Lab, we plan on further enhancing people’s sleep experience by taking cellphones out of the bedroom – which is proven to be detrimental to sleep quality.”

Emma – The Sleep Company, the world’s leading D2C brand, is focused on creating the best possible sleep experience in the world for everyone. With its own in-house test laboratory, Emma has successfully launched more than sixty award-winning products to date.

mui Lab develops IoT products and is mainly focused on smart homes, with the philosophy of Calm Technology. A wooden smart home controller, the mui Board, is their signature product, that delivers calm and peace of mind. In 2019, the mui Board won the CES Innovation Award in the Smart-Home category, and the mui Smart Home Platform won its award in the 2022 Smart-Home category

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