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The Opening of Maple Leaf’s First Online Store and a Corporate Update

The Opening of Maple Leaf's First Online Store and a Corporate Update

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (“Maple Leaf” or the “Company”), (CSE: MGW) and (OTCQB: MGWFF), is pleased to announce the launch of its 1st E-Commerce Website for its health and wellness products and to provide a corporate update and prospective opportunities.

E-Commerce Store
The Company has developed multiple product lines for both the health and wellness and recreational market. The health and wellness products are currently listed on its newly developed e-commerce. The Company has presented to the public its first three tinctures which are a diverse selection of its products that will support consumers’ daily health routine. Additional products, including recreational items, will be available on its second e-commerce website scheduled to be launched in the next two weeks. The Company will soon commence working with several groups that are affiliated with its Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Jeffrey Stein, to promote and educate consumers as to how and why its products are beneficial.

Current Hemp Cultivation
The Company’s current cultivation includes three new strains; Box, Merlot, and Matterhorn. The box is a popular CBD strain that has an amazing terpene profile. The target CBD content is 15% and exhibits a sweet, fruity flavor. Merlot has mid-range CBD levels of around 10% but is known for its smooth, fruity flavors when smoked. Matterhorn is a CBG-focused strain with a citrus scent of lemon and lime that test around 15% CBG. Box and Merlot are estimated for a late October harvest while Matterhorn is expected to be harvested in January 2023.

New Opportunities
The Company recognizes the many and varied uses for the production of hemp. In addition, well-being products made from hemp include clothing, furniture, protein supplements, plastic replacement, and construction products including Hempcrete for homebuilding. It is the Company’s intention to expand its operations to include the foregoing opportunities and relationships have been created that will facilitate its entry into this ever-expanding area of the Hemp industry

The Company’s international operations team is currently discussing several possibilities that might be available to the Company with international funds that were created to assist new companies in the cannabis industry as well as discussions with potential co-venturers and partners, fund companies and several profitable corporations in various industries for the prospect of forming a partnership in product development.

Community Support
The Company’s mission is to support the health and well-being of its consumers through innovative product development. Over the next several weeks, the Company intends to turn its attention toward providing education and product to those in the autism community. Jobs for Autism is an organization that the Company supports and will be working with. This organization was founded for the purpose of bringing awareness to employers and business professionals of the potential skills and capabilities possessed by those within the autism spectrum thereby increasing career opportunities for these individuals. It is the Company’s hope that its affiliation with the cannabis industry will open the door to hiring those on the autism spectrum as employees on farms, manufacturing facilities, and retail sales.

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