TSA’s Cutting-Edge Security Tech Elevates Screening at Yeager Airport

TSA’s Cutting-Edge Security Tech Elevates Screening at Yeager Airport
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Security measures at West Virginia International Yeager Airport in Charleston have been upgraded.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed two new state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) checkpoint scanners at the airport. The scanners enhance screening capabilities for carry-on items.

The new CT scanners use a sophisticated algorithm to scan the items with 3-D generate images to show the contents of carry-on bags.

“Previously, our screening technology for carry-on bags used 2-D images,” said John C. Allen, TSA’s Federal Security Director for West Virginia. “The CT technology applies advanced algorithms for the detection of explosives, including liquid explosives and other threat items.”

A TSA officer can view the 3-D X-ray image on a monitor and get a better view of the what’s inside the bags.

TSA said the addition of the new scanners will reduce how often TSA officers have to manually open and check the inside of carry-on bags. If a bag does require further screening, TSA said an officer will inspect it further to make sure it doesn’t contain an item that poses a threat.

TSA has also announced that the CT units allow for passengers to keep electronics like laptops inside their bags. Additionally, travel-sized 3-1-1 liquids do not need to be removed by passengers either.

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