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Upgrade to autoExpress DMS by IntelliSoft on SAP S4 HANA Cloud at Al Ghandi Auto Group

Upgrade to autoExpress DMS by IntelliSoft on SAP S4 HANA Cloud at Al Ghandi Auto Group

Al Ghandi Auto Group, a leading automotive dealership in the United Arab Emirates, has recently transitioned from its legacy application system and embraced a digital transformation with autoExpressTM Dealer Management System on SAP S/4 HANA Private Cloud Edition. The upgrade aligns with the ever-evolving habits, expectations, and challenges of automotive customers whilst presenting a unique opportunity to enhance productivity, and efficiency and accelerate growth.

IntelliSoft’s autoExpress™ is a Dealer Management System (DMS) built on SAP’s S/4HANA platform and applications. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobility, and Embedded Analytics to understand changing trends and customer behavior.

In-person dealerships play a vital role in the car buying process globally. However, some markets have exhibited a higher appetite for online car buying. The global pandemic coupled with the growing young population in the UAE has accelerated the development and adoption of new technologies, driving change in all sectors and industries, especially in the shift to digital shopping. YouGov’s “International Automotive report 2021” shows that the online car-buying penetration in the UAE among young adults  25-34 years is much higher than the global average, highlighting their strong affinity towards the digital channel.

“Shopping for automotive vehicles online is becoming a norm,” said Mark Jenkins, CEO at Al Ghandi Auto. “Car dealerships need to be more intelligent and agile in catering to customers’ unique needs and requirements at every touchpoint. Exceptional customer service and satisfaction remain key to ensuring business continuity, longevity, and profitability in today’s rapidly changing world. We believe that the solutions offered by IntelliSoft’s autoExpress™ are what will propel us to a new digital-first era ripe with opportunity and infinite potential.”

autoExpress™ DMS is fully integrated with Customer Relationship Management, Operations, Human Capital Management, Financials, Procurement, Inventory Management, Sales, and business processes not limited to Subscription, Leasing, Rental, and In-house finance, which helps dealerships Expand Revenue, Achieve Operational Excellence and Maximise Customer Satisfaction. autoExpress™ delivers Best Practice Configuration and Documentation processes, which reduces the duration of adoption and, therefore, the cost of implementation.

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