WhatsApp Is Adding A Review Tool For Voice Messages. Here Are The Details

WhatsApp Is Adding A Review Tool For Voice Messages Here Are The Details

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that has been released for beta testers. The feature allows users to listen and review their voice messages at different playback speeds, WhatsApp is now starting to develop another new feature for voice messages.

The feature that WhatsApp is developing allows users to review their voice messages before sending them, unlike the current version where users have no option to review the voice message before sending them. However, with the new feature users will be able to listen to voice messages before sending them.

This new feature will add a new Review button, that you can easily tap to listen to the voice message. As mentioned before, after tapping the Review button, you can listen to the voice message you were previously recording, and you will be able to decide if you want to discard or send it.

This feature is under development and their plans are to release it in a future update on WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

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