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With Their User-friendly E-commerce Platform, Hong Qing Will Make It Simple to Purchase Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) From Taiwan

With Their User-friendly E-commerce Platform, Hong Qing Will Make It Simple to Purchase Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG

Taiwan-based Hong Qing International Co. Ltd. (“Hong Qing”), a leading supplier of locally manufactured high-quality FMCG products, such as food, beverage, masks, and daily supplies, has launched an eCommerce platform with the goal of bringing Taiwanese products to the region and beyond. Adopting a user-first approach the platform has been built with an easy-to-use interface so users can browse through some of Taiwan’s F&B range, masks as well as daily supplies efficiently.

According to Statista, in Asia alone, the revenue in the eCommerce market is estimated to reach US$2,093 billion this year showing an annual growth rate of 7.98 percent, with a projected market volume of US$2,635 billion by 2025. Riding the eCommerce wave, Hong Qing’s website launch is opportune and in line with consumer demands in the region and across the world.

“We are promoting local brands that focus on producing quality products and bringing Taiwan’s people-first unique eCommerce solution to the world. The basis for any commercial transaction is trust and service,” shared Chen Wenlong, Chairman of Hong Qing.

With Taiwan’s growing culture across the globe, Hong Qing is aiming to introduce locally made Taiwanese products with the added benefit of bringing the Taiwanese culture along with the products. The brand firmly believes in the Taiwanese ethos of being people-oriented leading to quality products that can withstand global requirements.

The Hong Qing eCommerce website will not just be a platform to sell and purchase but a holistic solution with features that allow consumers to find insightful recommendations for Taiwan’s popular products, assistance in customs declaration, and others.

All-year-round local goods on a one-stop platform

Popularly known as the “Kingdom of Fruit”, Taiwan produces a range of scrumptious fruits all year round. The subtropical island nation is known for its strawberries, peaches, pineapples, and mangoes as well as seasonal fruits that are made available to consumers and traders via the platform.

In addition to consumer and trader focus, the platform enables local farmers, sellers, and manufacturers an avenue to introduce their goods to an international platform.

“In addition to consumer goods, we are also focusing on trade parties. We assure product quality, and reasonable pricing to all our customers be it, traders or direct consumers,” said Chen Wenlong.

Aiming to be a one-stop destination for locally grown Taiwan’s fruits, Chen added, “Individuals together create a society, which then creates a common goal. Returning to the value of life, and creating prosperity and happiness together are the essence of “humanistic management” that are worth thinking about and practicing.”

Hong Qing is currently integrating marketing and trade with a value they call “humanistic management” where people management is people-oriented.

Other daily essentials and F&B products will also be available on the website. In line with the increase in awareness of personal health and hygiene, the website will also be selling high-quality medical-grade and other masks.

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