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All-in-one MSS is the Future — Ready to innovate?

All-in-one MSS is the Future — Ready to innovate?

Every year marks another “worst year ever” for cyber-attacks around the world. 

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) can expedite detection and response capabilities in complex, distributed security environments.

In this report, Forrester has researched, analyzed, and scored 15 of the most significant global MSSPs. 

Download the report today to learn:

  • Forrester’s assessment of the most significant security providers in the vendor landscape, and their key differentiators
  • Global shifts in the MSSP market
  • How the market is pivoting to focus on MDR capabilities 
  • The value of high-context alerts as well as automation and orchestration to accelerate workflows
  • What MSSP customers should look for when choosing their security partner

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