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Identity of Things Explained

Identity of Things Explained

Increasing application of the Internet of Things may lead to unimagined problems, unless they are uniquely identified. This is where Identity of Things or IDoT – the practices of assigning unique identifiers and metadata to things, devices, and objects – comes into play. And this has to be done fast since over 75 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2025. 

Get the “Identity of Things Explained” guide today to learn about the identity issue and how a strong IoT foundation can help solve them. 

Explore 7 highly informative topics on IDoT, including:

  • Why the Internet of Things has an identity problem 
  • Benefits of an identity centric IoT platform 
  • Selecting the right IDoT provider for your business 
  • Top 10 tips to consider when deploying IDoT

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