5 Lessons to Learn from Generation Z Entrepreneurs

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A smartwatch that can recognize strokes or falls in senior citizens. applications for blockchain that boost birth registration rates in the developing world. AI-powered advanced object detection methods. 

What ties these business concepts together? 

The Generation Z entrepreneurs that created them are all among the newest businesspeople. 

Most investors and advisors now feel fortunate to have worked with many types of entrepreneurs throughout the years. The excitement of watching the youngest cohort in action has been felt by all. 

Here’s a look into what drives them and the lessons we can all take from Gen Z’s unique approach to entrepreneurship. 

Gen Z  

Generation Z, which includes people born between 1997 and 2010 and includes the Millennial generation’s successors, is like the Millennials in some ways, particularly in their comfort with digital media, but they approach business and entrepreneurship very differently. 

With 62% of Gen Zer’s reporting, they have started—or want to start—their own business, Gen Z is quickly gaining recognition as the most entrepreneurial generation ever. Furthermore, individuals who have already begun on this route are embracing entrepreneurship and revolutionizing it with original methods of brand development, skill development, and operations. Gen Z is already experiencing broad success with its business endeavors, from applications and YouTube channels to beauty items and hand-made bow ties, even though the oldest members are only 24 years old. 

Social Natives 

Generation Z has never known a world without immediate, real-time social connectivity. This new generation of creators isn’t scared to expose both their work and themselves. For them, this “new” social approach to conducting business comes naturally. A prime example is the two million YouTube artists that earn six figures per year out of the 50 million total, making Gen Z a sizable (and increasing) generation. Utilizing their networks to test ideas and discover what sticks, they value inclusivity and collaboration. 

Entrepreneurship as a career choice 

Uncles who ran modest enterprises with family backing used to be the only entrepreneurs in the immediate family. However, with time, other entrepreneurial role models emerged. Elon Musk and YouTube stars are just two examples of the plethora of role models available to Gen Z today. Mentors are also quite accessible. Being an entrepreneur is a legitimate professional choice in line with all others. 

 Education is no more barrier

In order to get started, Gen Zers are starting by reading case studies on Reddit threads or simply Googling “how to be an entrepreneur.” These young people are starting their businesses now rather than waiting until everything is figured out. Even though they don’t have any formal credentials, they don’t let impostor syndrome or self-doubt get in the way of their goals. These young people are learning everywhere they can (often online), from online incubators to Masterclass to Google’s new job credentials, and discovering that it’s no longer necessary to obtain a business degree or formal schooling in order to succeed. 

 They go for cheaper tools  

People spend several hundred thousand dollars on servers and development fees to launch their first enterprises. Today, any Gen Z business owner might complete the task for a fraction of that cost by utilizing cloud storage and plug-and-play tools. Many Gen Z businesses begin as passion projects that they post on social media. Consider watching makeup lessons on YouTube or Instagram, then starting your own business from there. 


Although this generation has big aims, their objectives go beyond identity. They seek to address challenges like social justice and climate change. They’re motivated to make a difference rather than solely by money.

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