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The Top 7 iPhone Hacks and Tips for 2024

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

The iPhone has many excellent features hidden inside it. This blog lists some powerful hacks and tips that can take iPhone users to the next level.

1. Charge faster in airplane mode

Put your iPhone in airplane mode from the control panel. This will turn off many features of the phone, including cellular and Wi-fi networking. And keep your phone charged.  

2.  Closing the app saves battery life

It is just a myth that says closing apps in the background saves battery life. Battery life has nothing to do with the background apps that are used. They neither use energy nor save energy.  

3. A flash for notification 

Turn on the phone’s blinks when you have new notifications and get to know about new texts and incoming calls without looking at the iPhone screen.  

4. Siri helps you capture your moment

We all know we can ask Siri questions, but did you know Siri can make taking photos easier? While Siri can capture your photos, you just need to activate Siri by holding down the Home or side button and asking Siri to take a photo. 

” Hey Siri, take a photo”  

When you have the image you want, tap the camera or volume button.  

5. Home button 

You must be missing the old hardware home button. This is a great hack. It provides fast access to features that in other ways require multiple taps. To turn on the virtual home button, go to Settings-General-Accessibility-Touch-Assistive Touch-Move slider to green.

6. App shortcuts  

You can find shortcuts to some of your favorite apps’ common features if you have an iPhone with a 3D Touch screen or an iPhone 11 or later. Hard-press an app icon to open it. A menu with a selection of shortcuts appears from the icon if the program supports this functionality. You can launch the app and do that activity by tapping on the one you desire.  

7. A trackpad  

When attempting to choose a specific piece of text, moving the tiny magnifying glass cursor around the screen is extremely annoying. We have a tip that makes it much easier to position the cursor in text. It functions by converting your keyboard into a touchpad, much like a laptop’s mouse. What you should do is:  

  • Open a text editing app on your iPhone and use the built-in keyboard (some third-party keyboards support this feature, too)
  • Any keyboard key can be tapped and held
  • On the keys, the letters vanish. Like using a mouse on a trackpad, move your finger around the keyboard
  • When the cursor is where you want it to be on the screen, release your hold
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